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Monday, December 09, 2013

So apparently it's very obvious that I love fashion (ho hum). Who knew the writer was an artist too? (Don't tell that to the publishers though...)
When Jenny did a post featuring a good armload of character outfits in the form of Polyvore collages, I knew I wanted to join in the game. This is essentially a combination of fashion and writing, and really, what could be more fun? The following are modern takes on a few of my characters' styles.

Enjoy these for now - since I've been M.I.A. and will continue to be for the next two weeks most likely, due to our Christmas dance recital & several exams to be taken. 

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Adara: Traveller

Tarquin Cromwell

Damien Warrick

Kaitlyn: Traveller


Adara: Queen



Elysium of Oliander

Kaitlyn: Queen

Dior; dramatic as usual.
Scarlett Alexander, hipster extraordinaire. ;)
Which are your favorites, and - if you have characters - how would they dress?


  1. Wah! Darling, these are gorgeous! I'm in full-on fashion diva here. Your compositions are excellent, characters and colours are superb! Adara's blues and nudes in her travel ensemble are so Santorini! Your dark touch of the sinister by throwing Chanel's No.5 into Tarquin's collage - perfect. Dior, dressed to the ton in those rich blues and overwhelming gold; Givenchy's and Miss Dior's scents (both very nice, I've sampled), so sweet! Black, blue, and a subtle touch of the sensual with those Christian Louboutin's heels in Kaitlyn's ensemble is wonderful - regal and reckless. I love the beautiful Parisian Thi style: very simple, all told, but crisp and clean and kept warm by the pink tones. Elysium of Oliander (which is a fantastic name of which I am envious), is beautiful as poison. Love, love, love. Zenobia's and Zenade's styles are different, but brought together by the guttural reds and nude tones, and the propensity for natural colours in their artful make up. Scarlett Alexander, whose name is as buoyant as her outfit, is a shabby-chic piece of art. Titania - simple, gorgeous, elegant - would make Coco Chanel proud. The men's designs, classically simple and charming in their jeans and black tops (I'm such a sucker for those)! Kaitlyn's travel outfit needs only a motorbike to finish it off; Adara's to-die-for regal ensemble steals my heart in its warmth in its coolness and clarity (love that pale mint) - and the piece de resistance, the bizarre, gorgeous Pirro, looking like a stained glass window.


    And if anyone reads this comment, any reputation I might have had as a cool, meditative scholar will be utterly lost.

    1. O_o...

      Just kidding. I love it when someone gets excited about something I've created. It makes me happy and happy is good. :) Elysium was definitely the most fun: the combination of purple and teal has always excited me, especially with a dagger-dose of black. Scarlett was the easiest, seeing as she lives in 2013, so all I had to do was whip up something sweet, with a touch of sophistication. Tarquin's deadly in No.5, so watch out. ;) It was tricky to keep a common tie between the twins without doing the overdone matched look (shudder). Titania's regal: I only hope I didn't carry the Britain-esque layer to far. I don't have much practice in men's clothing, thus the similarity between all the boys' collages. (if one style looks good, stick with it!). Kaitlyn would have a motorbike. Rats, I should have thought of that...
      Oh Pirro - a shot of rainbow in the dark, if there's such a thing.

      I think you might be slightly mad. But I'll tell you a secret: all the best people are! ;D

  2. AH! I love Adara and Kaitlin's queen outfits, and I really like Pirro's dress.I wish the guys in your book were real, 'cause they all dress so nicely. :) And you know what Damien's shoes remind me of. XP

    1. That's the problem with book characters: they're so dashingly handsome and so painfully unavailable. :P

  3. I love your blog. I hope you can come over and return the favor. :)


  4. Those are great! What a fun idea!

    I hope the recital and studying goes well!!


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