November Snippets: Finding My Balance

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

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Time for snippets again! I prefer to share my writing-bits at the end of the month, since then I have the full scope of that month's writing from which to choose. Thus the tardiness of this post. Ahem.
The majority of the writing I did in November was, reasonably so, from Finding My Balance. I did actually dabble a bit in Gumusservi, long enough to plot it and fiddle with it but not long enough to write decent-sized portions: thus, the snippets from that story are few and far between. It's hard to choose favorite bits from a month chock-full of writing, especially when my favorite bits usually end up being spoilers, but here they are nontheless and I do hope you enjoy them. :)

"She was liked because she was the Sugar Plum Fairy, though even that had sparked some jealousy among the girls Scarlett had learned to avoid. But when a dancer is injured, she is out, useless. Another dancer would take her place and Scarlett would have been quite forgotten." -Finding My Balance

"Her back was running with sweat, her breathing was in tatters, and her heart was on fire with a fever she’d thought lost forever. This was going to be a strenuous, consummate semester. Scarlett couldn’t wait." -Finding My Balance

"The tarmac cut a black silhouette across the clear blue sky, and suddenly she felt a flurry of excitement in her stomach, a nervous sort of joy that she hadn’t felt since the phone call from the general manager of the NYC Ballet. It felt as though everything she’d been dreaming of all her life was here, waiting for her to just take a leap and do it. Scarlett wasn’t sure what it was, but she was on the brink of something brilliant – a breakthrough of sorts – and her fingers tingled excitedly in the flannel pockets of her sweatshirt. " -Finding My Balance

"Would he wonder where she had gone, would he know? Or would he ask? Scarlett’s heart felt guilty, and perhaps something more, something that was so smothered she could convince herself it was nothing." -Finding My Balance

"But even in her usual character, she knew she’d won the spar. 
Hugo, breathless, turned to face her. His face was swimming with expressions and emotions, all changing as constant as the ocean. “How’d you do that?” 
Scarlett winked fetchingly, not affording him any reply." -Finding My Balance

"“Yeah, I guess I did. I still don’t think it’s actually happening sometimes. Sometimes I...” Scarlett’s gaze flicked to examine herself in the mirror, a new look taking over her eyes. “I feel like I must be someone else sometimes. The clumsy Scarlett I know never made it this far.” Nostalgia crept into her bones like the night: soft, dark, and unexpected. " -Finding My Balance

"The sun was low in the sky now, and both felt an urge to move on from the spot, to keep distancing themselves from whatever evil was behind." -Gumusservi

“No, Rune. Your kindness does you well, but I cannot hide forever. The Council knows I am not the late Queen’s child. You know; I know. Heaven knows who else has found out. I can’t play this ruse much longer.” -Gumusservi


  1. These are excellent. Finding My Balance is charged with experience, hope, and personal emotion. With these few keyholes you have given a glimpse into the world of a dancer, and I like that; as a writer (because I cannot dance), I think my favourite passage is the one of nostalgia and the disbelief that the nagging doubts that you cannot do it have been left behind and that, in a sense, you have arrived. The night-sense of the nostalgia resonated with me, and the sense of having left the young, inexperienced self behind is one which I share.

    Keep it up, old bean!

    1. I think perhaps you give my wind-changing emotions too much credit...and I value your appreciation all the same. ^_^
      I hope to give a glimpse into the dancer world, you know, but it's very hard to tell if I've done it just right when, as a dancer, I see everything that isn't spoken muddling what I have written. But I want this book to be for dancers and non-dancers alike, and I like to think I'm getting there. :)

      I think that snippet's my favorite too: the scene certainly ranks up there, having actually made me tear up while writing. That was a relatively new experience!

  2. I'm stalking your posts about 'Finding My Balance' -- hurrah! (Right? Stalking's good...)

    And basically I rather love these snippets and I'm pretty darn certain I want to read this book. I like the fourth and fifth best, but I also like the sixth. And the third. ^.^

      And hey! I'm glad you liked the snippets. ;)


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