Beautiful People: Rune

Friday, January 10, 2014

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I haven't done Beautiful People in a while - and I really do enjoy the questions-and-answers. So today, I'm introducing you all to a new-ish Gumusservi character: Rune. I'll let the questions and answers speak for themselves; I do so dread being repetitive.

(questions taken from the beautiful people archives.)
1. If your character could be played by any actor, who would it be?
Oh, I think Heath Ledger would have worked well. It's very hard to pinpoint one actor however, as I could think of a couple others that would also do the role justice.

2. Does your character have a specific theme song?
Hmm...Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" would suit pretty well. Rune's a very 'let's-fix-this' sort of guy.

3. What’s their worst childhood memory?
Being left behind in the fishing-trips the men would take. As a child, Rune always figured himself much older than his years, and thus determined it very unfair that he should be left behind while the older boys went with their fathers on the events. But good things did come of this, and however sorely he remembers his feelings, Rune cannot pretend nothing good came of it.

4. If your character had a superpower, what would it be?
Superhuman strength. Think Flynn Ryder. ^_^

5. If your character crashed on an island with a bunch of other people, how would your character help the group survive?
By walking away from the mayhem, solving the problem very quietly, then sitting on his haunches and waiting for the rest (inevitably arguing and confering) to listen to his plan for escape. He doesn't wait around, that's for sure. 

6. Are they married? If not, do they someday wish to be?
Rune's not yet married - I suppose when the time came he'd snap up a sweet girl with a pretty face and a promise to keep his house in order. But his hopes in that arena aren't very high; he's already kept a pretty neat house and contents himself with inventions and fiddling, and if a woman were to intervene the last thing he would do is marry her. 

7. What is a cause they would die for?
Dying for a cause is very impractical - besides, what good would his death bring about? 

8. Would they rather die fighting valiantly, or quietly at home?
Rune would rather die at home than in battle, granted, but not very quietly. He's too big a character for that sort of commonplace behavior. 

9. If someone walked up to them and told them they were the child of the prophecy, would they believe them?
No. He'd probably chuckle a bit, smile and go back to his work. It is a pity Rune doesn't believe very easily. 

10. Do they prefer the country or the city?
Any place pleasant and clean will suit Rune; in that way he's very easygoing and doesn't care if you stick him in a woodshed or a palace. (For that matter, he'd probably prefer the woodshed.) But in the end the country is closer to where he grew up, and also quieter and more suited to productivity, so that would probably be his choice.

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  1. ha, "think Flynn Ryder" like him already Bree!



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