Chatterbox: Food

Sunday, January 12, 2014

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And now for another round of Chatterbox, from Ms. Rachel Heffington! (Read more about Chatterbox here). This month's topic is food, something I in which find myself quite experienced. ;) Read on, Lizzy!

Rune dashed a plate of food onto the counter with the effervescence of a frisky puppy.
"What's the haste for?" Agapeto wanted to know.
Smoke hung in the air like misty drapes trailing from the oven in the back, the raggle-taggle cat was slinking in the corner and waiting for handouts without much of her race's decency and Kaitlyn, queen of the realm, was sitting atop the counter with a cookbook in her hand, reading.
"Got things to do," Rune said excitedly.
"Oh, no you don't!" She didn't bother looking up to see the guilt creep into Rune's blue eyes.
"What do you need, m'lady?" He winked to Agapeto, taking advantage of my lady Kaitlyn's eyes' being on the page and not him.
They snapped up, right on queue and almost smiling.
"You're on kitchen duty this morning: I need you to do dishes, for starters. We can work the rest out as we go." Her eyes twitched back to the page.
"Well I'll be out," Peto began, shuffling his feet on the dusty wood floor, Rune sulking to the sink like a horse under the command of a mouse. He glanced appealingly at his friend, but Peto was already halfway to the door.
Both boys glanced at each other momentarily, Rune with satisfaction and Peto a sudden sinking feeling of having been trapped.
"Yes, highness?" He too played to Kaitlyn's sympathies to no avail.
"Help Rune tidy up your breakfast." And then with a glance at her book, "I've got to run down to the stores and see if we've got any turmeric to spare."
She darted out of the room.
"Should we get Cook?" Peto started on a wet pile of dishes with his rag.
Rune was scrubbing food off his plate. "She'd only help if we'd broke something."
"Rats." Rune was right, of course.
"Any other ideas?" he suggested after a time. Peto's eyes narrowed thoughtfully.
"We could always find another chore to do, something more pressing."
"Unless it's something more enjoyable, that hardly helps our case."
"Right. You feeling ill in anyway?"
"Course not!" He looked at him curiously. "Why?"
"If you were, I could dump you in the bunk and say..."
"Don't bother, she'd never believe us."
"Well then, Lord Answersall, do you have any ideas, pray?" He crossed his arms furiously, and Rune's lips twisted up in consideration.
"Yessir, I do.  Look, give me those dishes."
"Not these!" Peto seemed shocked, and turned to protect the stack of cleaned wood plates.
"No, put those away. And take these," he handed Agapeto the unwashed plates "and put them under there." Rune pointed to a rarely-touched cupboard.
"You mean-" Agapeto began.
"Of course! Now do as I say and don't let's get moral about it!" The other, though unwilling, stashed the dirty things behind the door before turning guiltily to face his commanding officer.
"We'd better escpe before she returns. Come on, Peto, and don't look so sour in the face." Peto frowned deeply.
"It's your fault when she finds out."
"She won't."
"But she will."
Rune rolled his eyes and sauntered to the door. "You coming?"
"In time, in time." He flung the rag on the edge of the sink.
The two slid out like thieves in the night, each to his seperate corner of the ship before Kaitlyn's return.
"Well, it appears we won't be having-" she stopped at the doorway to the galley, jaw dropped. The sink-tub was empty, the cupboards were closed, and the dishes quite gone, all in the few minutes she'd been absent. The cat, now licking the last drops of milk from her battered dish seemed to have seen something she wouldn't share.
"Hmm. How did they do it, Tabby?" she reached down to scrub the fur on her neck absentmindedly but the cat, a disaffectionate being, was off on a scamper towards the empty old corner cubboard, sniffing the air. Kaitlyn's eyes narrowed with the same suspicion she'd scented on that raggle-taggle cat.
"Well done, Little Spy," she said impishly, the cupboard door open and the poor job now laid clean. "Rune!" she cried fiercely.Tabby scrambled from the sound that reached all the way down into the men's quarters to where a very uncomfortable Rune was biting his lip and trying desperately to pretend he hadn't heard.


  1. I love this Bree especially:"Unless it's something more enjoyable, that hardly helps our case."
    "Right. You feeling ill in anyway?"
    "Course not!" He looked at him curiously. "Why?"
    "If you were, I could dump you in the bunk and say..."
    "Don't bother, she'd never believe us."

    You are too full of wit!

    I'm enjoying your blog!

    1. I think I had entirely too much fun with this passage: and I'm very glad you liked it. ;)

  2. Ha ha! It would serve them right to be made to scrape the dishes clean with their own breadcrusts. :P

    1. This would be a very reasonable request if by some miracle those crusts hadn't already been devoured. ;P

  3. HA. "Let's not get moral about it."

    1. Because that would be STRAIGHT OUT.

    2. ...And goodness knows we don't want that.


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