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Monday, March 03, 2014

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I've introduced Agapeto here on the blog before in a Gumusservi, but never for any real length of examination. Jenny and Mirriam did the following interrogation on their blogs, however, and I thought it would suit very nicely to give you all a refresher course on who Agapeto is, and also to let you a little deeper into his skin (what everyone wants, dur).

It's a bit long, so let's get to it!

Physical/aesthetic characteristics

1. What colour is his hair?
A gentle mahogany that looks very red under sunlight. I should add that it's straight, longish and more often mussed than not.

2. What colour are his eyes?
A blue to challenge winter morning skies, like they say. Clear, open, and so. so. blue.

3. What colour is your character’s skin?
Quite pale, actually, for a sea-boy. But it's thickly freckled, particularly on his face, so I suppose that's why.

4. What special aesthetic characteristics does he have?
He's very ambitious, and I think it catches the attention. I don't know if you count that as an aesthetic, but there it is.

5. Does he have any piercings or tattoos?
Yes, actually. It's something of a secret that he's got an eagle in flight tucked behind his ear. Most of the boys on the ship got tattoos at one point: so to avoid loosing outward respect (ha) while still maintaining self-respect, he chose the bird in the discreet location. Even still, he doesn't like to get his hair cut...

6. What is the sexiest physical characteristic of your character?
Oi! Maybe his innocence. I think it's pretty attractive, but of course I wrote him...

7. What is the ugliest physical characteristic of your character?
His ears are, admittedly, rather larger than most people's.

8. What does Agapeto wear?
A loose blouse, a cravat on nicer occassions, fitted pants, knee-high leather boots that have been through every sort of weather.

BONUS: Why does he like wearing that outfit? It's comfortable enough and functional. He's not very interested in style or artistry.

Expressions of emotion

9. When your character smiles, what does it look like?
Like the world just brightened three shades, and summer's on it's way. Peto smiles rarely though - he is a bit of a skeptic, to be honest.

10. What does his laugh sound like?
Loud, a bit raucous, amusing.

11. What is his normal style of speech?
Casual, with a stammer here and there for good measure, and a lip constantly under teeth between sentences. And if you'd like to know (you know you do), he's got a soft Northern accent.

12. How does Agapeto express and/or handle anger?
It's not very often you'll see Agapeto get frustrated; he's usually pretty level-headed and calm. However, he will get frustrated with himself, usually on matters of lesser-importance: he holds a high standard for his own performance, and when that standard is not met, Peto can be found chastising himself. He often takes out his irritation on pieces of paper (spewing them) or his lip (chewing it).

13. Does your character cry?
If he did, I wouldn't know. Agapeto's emotions are forever beneath the surface of his countenance.

14. How easy is it for other people to read Agapeto’s emotions?
Well, I basically answered that in number 13 - not very easily. It's not a bad thing, per se; he is levelheaded and guarded - and wise.

Character beliefs
15. Is your character religious? If so, what faith and to what level of devotion?
Agapeto is Catholic, but even that faith is fading. He holds more to the symbol of a savior than to Christ himself.

16. How does Agapeto view those of other faiths?
With respect: he did not hold himself to the standard Christians do, and he admires them in a sort of unattainable way. He knows little of any other religions though.

17. What are your character’s core values? What, above all else, does your character feel must be conserved in the world?
Head before Heart, Country before Individual, Justice before Mercy. Agapeto is fiercely protective of duty.

18. How willing is Agapeto to fight for those values?
He would die for a cause in which he believed.

Character likes and dislikes
19. What is your character’s favourite food?
Unlike is shipmates, Agapeto loves the comfort of porridge in the morning. Because of this rareity, Cook often spares him some sugar, honey, or extra cream - all rare - to top his breakfast.

20. What is his favourite colour?
Black. Its modest strength has always allured him.

21. What are your character’s sleeping preferences?
Anywhere warm and dark will suit; in particular, he likes sleeping outside in the early days of summer, waking up to chirping birds, and the rich evergreen scent of the woods.

22. What is your character’s sexual identity?
Heterosexual, and a bit of a stranger to love as well.

23. What are your character’s sexual preferences?
I wouldn't know, and neither would he.

Character introspection
24. What is your character’s biggest goal in life?
To prove himself worthy - of himself, of his life, of the time he's spent on earth.

25. What does he believe is his greatest virtue?

26. What does your character believe is his greatest vice?
Perfectionism sounds a bit too easy, doesn't it? I might also add that he seperates himself from most emotion and more importantly, his Saviour, but Agapeto is not aware of that yet...

27. What motivates your character most?
I feel I've said this a hundred times by now; still, Duty continues to propel him onwards.

28. Is your character objective-oriented?
Everyone should have an objective; yes, of course.

29. Would Agapeto rather be a great person or a good person?
Great, I think. A bit of pride is still in him for his work - he would not like to go unnoticed forever, if possible.

30. Would your character rather be hated for being who he is or loved for pretending to be someone else?
Hated for who he is. If there's one thing Agapeto is, it's loyal.

31. Is Agapeto an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?
Ambivert, I would say - he needs his alone time, no doubt, but he enjoys people and gatherings as much as the next person.

32. Is your character creatively expressive?
To some extent, Agapeto is poetic; few have the priveledge of seeing inside his brain however, and aside from being a diligent and endeavouring worker, he's rather simple.

33. What is your character’s disorder?
Blindness. He is afraid to be made vulnerable by depending on others, and generally sustains himself if he can. The downfall of this is he is difficult to love, if you can reach him at all.

34. What is Agapeto’s standard emotional state?
Level-headed; simple; realistic.

35. Is your character materialistic?
Not really - he would like to acheive worldly success to some degree, in working hard and earning respect, living a long life, and fathering a son to carry on his name.

36. What is your character’s major learning style?
A combination of watching and doing, whatever the psycological terms for those are. Agapeto will study a practice once or twice, then stick his hands in and do the dirty work until he's figured it out.

37. I am a _________. How would Agapeto complete that sentence?
I am a working man (and I am proud of the fact).

38. Life is an act of _________ing. What verb would your character use to complete that sentence?
Learning. Always learning.


  1. This is a fantastic way to introduce you characters to the world!! I really feel like I know him. He actually sounds just a bit like one of my own red-headed characters! :)


    1. Thanks, Anastasia! Credit goes to...someone. O_o
      Erm, anyway, Agapeto is one of my favorite characters from Gumusservi, but as well as I know him, I often feel like he's a bit shadowy to you all. I'm glad to know this post brought him out in the light more.
      Red-heads unite!

  2. Yay, you did the questionnaire! All very good insights into your roving character Agapeto. I like that name, by the way. He seems very lost to me, and very desperate to find himself, though perhaps he has not thought of it that clearly.

    1. I guess I uncovered him pretty well then - he is lost, and he isn't aware and sometimes as an author I'd like to bash him over the head for it, but then you feel sorry for the poor chap so what can you do?

      I'm glad you like his name!


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