March Snippets

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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All the snippets this month (and there are actual snippets this time - yay!) are from Psithurism, as I've started at square one to re-write it, and because it is my main tug. Also, you may find that it has changed a bit; mainly in that I'm writing from the third person now. I found that when I went to write it again, this was the only way it would be done. It is a good change, besides a necessary one, for Gumusservi is also written from the third perspective, and I would like them to match.

Psst. Spring break can work wonders on one's writing time. Enjoy.

"She turned and left, and Adair frowned. It was not a frown of severe disappointment, however, for a breath of hope was in him from her last words. Hope is of the old breed: it does not die fast." -Psithurism

“An’ you consider not my own interest?” The boy felt his blood grow hot now.
“It is not necessary.”
“What, man! You sit there so calm and pronounce my future as though it belongs to thy foreign hands.” -Psithurism

"“His majesty seems very distant this evening. Has something put his mind awry?” Princeton checked the grave man’s countenance carefully.
“It is the end of a season is all. I fear nothing.” It was an odd thing to say, especially on the last day of February, but Princeton said nothing, brushing his hands on his sleeves and straightening mechanically. 
“Wilt majesty be coming down to dine this evening?”
“As usual.” He nodded, as though it was nothing more than another day. The blue evening coat on his straight shoulders was not particularly adorned, save the gold filigree designs on the breast as was custom for dinner jackets, so perhaps it could have been another day, but it was not." -Psithurism

"The Duke of Castellum was flirting with his Duchess and a glass of port, both in a constant state of upheaval." -Psithurism

"...As the music caught up pace, then so did the dance: father and daughter were soon spinning about the room in a quick, many-faceted jig that raised loud approval from the cheering courtiers. The people joined in, the room was soon filled with the swish of skirts and laughter of many, the stars stayed out, and the night grew old." -Psithurism

"Summertime came late that year. From the smoke-ringed mountains in the east to the tawny fields of the southwestern islands, a chill had settled in that did not like to be moved, and like those barren landscapes, many eyes were sallow and empty longer than usual; longer than necessary. The little gamins in the streets did not run so fast then, nor did their mothers call after them as viciously. It was a year for the hungry." -Psithurism

"It is often said of women that their reflections are never to their liking. For Adara, this was not true: and ordinarily, she approved of her appearance. She was small in frame, and that was fetching at the time. Her hair was blonde as most womens’: this was good for modesty’s sake. Blue-grey eyes like rocks at a river bottom adorned her face, rare and beautiful, but nothing downcast eyelids and their own small size could not hide.
'Now it was different. Perhaps the mirror played with her sight: her eyes had hollowed in the course of a day, and her skin was grey like ashes. The pale face she prided herself on had freckled under the constant sun. Queen Adara seemed only a distant memory, fading fast behind this new woman." -Psithurism


  1. These are great, Bree! So excited to see progess on Psithurism!

    1. Thank you, dear! It's interesting starting at the beginning again, but also strangely liberating. I guess beginnings always are...;)

  2. So many great lines in this!

    Hope is of the old breed: it does not die fast.
    I love d this line: so poignant, like a snap of the fingers, it needs no explanation: sharp and sweet.

    The Duke of Castellum was flirting with his Duchess and a glass of port, both in a constant state of upheaval.
    THIS is hilarious, and very vividly done. I like it. XD

    It was a year for the hungry.

    ...the stars stayed out, and the night grew old.
    Beautifully atmospheric (no pun intended). I love your juxtaposition of the inside merriment and the outside tranquility. Very well done.

    1. Well thank you! I feel much better about this spurt of writing than my past bits - though of course I'll look back in a year and wonder what I was doing - because I think I've finally tapped into my style. And that's exciting.

  3. "The Duke of Castellum was flirting with his Duchess and a glass of port, both in a constant state of upheaval."
    What a delicious little sentence!

    I wish you luck with changing it tho third person. I've done that before, and it wasn't any fun at all.

    1. This one bit seems to be a particular favorite! Ha...

      For me, it's not so much changing as beginning again. I'm sure adjusting to the third person is very difficult, and fortunately for me it's not been necessary - yet...O_o


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