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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

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I don't have much to say to set this up - only that it was very difficult having to miss Chatterbox last month, so I got up extra early to make sure I didn't miss it this time around. This is a little piece I wrote before getting back to my exam-studying. It's not too long (when is it ever that long, though?) and it's not too serious either. I do hope you enjoy. :)

Also: I wanted to do a piece from Gumusservi, but this popped up and I couldn't refuse. 


It had been a long week. Ryker rubbed his eyes with clenched fists, pushed away from the desk and stood, exhaling. Too many letters, too many clients, too many wills. You'd think a lawyer would be used to it. Somehow, though, he was still exhausted by the week-end, with no plans but to lie around the house, avoiding words and people. He'd had enough of those during the week. Even now he blinking blindly at the papers before him, lost in a trail of mindless thought.

"Ah, Mr. Jenkens. Ready to leave?"A blush-velvet voice came from the doorway, and the poor man startled himself to face her. 
"Miss Giudici?"He seemed to have waken from a sudden daze with no wits nearby.
"Yes, it is me! Gracious, you'd think by now you'd have some recognition of me. Oh, do let's hurry up. It's your turn to choose." She snatched his arm and led the man down the wood-pannelled hallway to the main entrance.
"Choose, Miss Giudici?" Ryker wondered, now he'd got his senses back and his hat on his head.
"Where we go, of course." His heart leapt a little at the thought. He'd forgotten, but now he'd remembered, the perfect place came to mind. Suddenly he didn't feel quite so exhausted now the idea was in his head and stirring things back to life: a real life of splashing and bounding propensities, not one that sat at a desk all day reading dull papers in dull voices.
"Thank you, ma'am." He bowed slightly to his mistress, who happened to be a good two inches shorter than he, and was beaming like an angel.
"Oh, do forsake that bowing and "ma'am" poppycock - I quite despise it. And you know, it's not you. You're much brighter than all that."As if in response, the lawyer's face glowed with pride.

It wasn't quite twilight when they reached the bay, and the remaining streaks of sun stretched like cat-whiskers on the damp sand. 
"Do you like it--?" He wasn't too sure what to call her, now she'd put down both "ma'am" and bowing.
"Yes! Ah, and about that: my name is Starlyte. Please, call me Starlyte." 
"Starlyte." He tried it out hesitantly, whispering it first to the clumps of water plants, then to the soft, petal-rolling sea, and finally to the cloud-gathering Western sky. She hummed along to it, and it was almost a sort of song. He chuckled at the end, sighing.

"It'll be dark soon," he said after a time.
"Won't it? Hmm." Neither seemed inclined to go. She'd gathered up her dress to her knees and had both feet stuck in the water, dreaming. The stars were hidden now behind a shield of clouds that quilted the sky protectively. It was a good choice.
Ryker thought he could sit here - feet slung over the little dock and the salty waves lapping at them - for an eternity. Though it wouldn't be quite so nice alone, and surely Starlyte wouldn't wait for him so long...plunk!
His eyes snapped up to the blanketed grey-purple sky from where the droplet had fallen, and a queer smirk came to his lips. It was raining - of course it was! - but the walk back to the street was a good half-mile of sand. Starlyte hadn't seemed to notice yet, so he kept his lips sealed mischievously. Plunk, plunk, the drops landed forming black spots on his grey pants. A fourth landed on the plank next to his hand, and one on the tip of his nose. "Here is comes," he thought. "And now, I ought to tell her."
"It's raining, you know." This was the way they spoke, as though nothing was a surprise, and everything was very relaxed and professional. 
No, she wasn't paying any attention, Ryker decided. It was quite certain she was in another world, and he didn't like to pull her out of it. But there was the rain, ever stronger. Even now his shoulders were feeling quite deliciously damp.
"Starlyte." She was deaf to the world.
Splash! He had kicked a wave of ocean water her way, and it rebounded off her bare legs. 
"Ryker!" she laughed, now quite returned. "Or, I mean, Mr.-"
"No. It's Ryker." He straightened up proudly, and winked. "You know it's raining."
The drops had turned now to a steady drizzle, making her pink dress look two shades darker in various spots.
"Mm, marvelous!" she giggled, peeking at him from beneath a wide-brimmed straw hat, measuring his response. He did, with a fling of his hat off his head and into the sand behind them. Her head was still dry, but as the rain increased, their clothes got steadily wetter.
Then the sky-strings released, pouring down rain in bucket loads, and she too removed her hat, throwing her arms wide away from her. They laughed, running back up the beach to the street where her chauffeur had been left to wait. Ryker and Starlyte - both were wet through to the skin with rain and ocean water. 
"Won't you be in trouble for getting your nice clothes wet?" he wondered childishly, helping her into the carriage with a grin.
"I daresay I've been quite a naughty little girl," she winked, "but I'll be alright. Thank you." She suddenly blushed, thinking what Mama would say when she saw the ruined dress and heard she'd spent her evening at the bay with a strange lawyer.
Ryker closed the door on her, now more serious, and waved goodbye from the sand and the downpour. As one last hurrah, she rolled down the window and flung back a brilliant smile and a wave to him as the automobile roared to life. What a lark!

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