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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's finally summer (which means I'll be posting much more regularly! happy thought indeed!) and I thought I'd start out this lovely season with a little bit of fun.

I've recently been quite occupied with Polyvore, so I wanted to challenge myself and see how many of your characters I could replicate apparel-wise. Yes, you, reader. ;) Thus - the following. I'm very nervous to share these, as I've no idea if I've really captured them or if I'm entirely off the mark. Only you know your characters, and I'm just playing around with clothes on a screen because I have certain pictures in my head. So there's that.

ALSO: I chose the characters I felt better acquainted with. Please do not feel sorry if your character did not make it to the list - it only means that I don't feel a strong grasp on his/her character enough to dress him/her. Which means you're a very discreet author, always a good thing. So don't be discouraged. :)
This one's for Mirriam, and the character's Rooney. I couldn't picture her in anything much but a cute, cosy outfit, thus the leggings and oversized sweater. The cat socks just lent themselves to the picture.

Katiebug! I feel very remiss that I don't know any of your characters very well at this time, but I am picking up very nicely on your style, and couldn't resist throwing you in the bunch. I know your a very floral, lovely, bluesy sort of gal. Does it suit?

Rachel dearest, this is for you: Ms. Callida Harper of course! I think it's mostly self-explanatory; naturally I see her in a bit of Kate Spade, the cateye sunnies were a nonnegotiable, and the yellow lace dress popped out at me as just something Callie would wear. 
Elizabeth, this is your Susannah. I know she's very classic and simple, but also very elegant, which is why I chose that shade of blue. A sturdy, neutral-toned handbag and pumps were no-brainers, and a few key pieces of jewelry add a needed sparkle. :)
Starlyte is a new character of mine, so of course I added her to the list. She's very bright, colourful, and expensive. XD

Jenny, this is my fashionable interpretation of Ginger. If I remember correctly, it was the red-head photograph in the upper right corner that sparked this whole ordeal. I saw it and thought "this is definitely Ginger", and from there everything avalanched. I chose Fendi shoes because that blue is heavenly and because Ginger is, in my perception, a sturdy, timeless girl. Gold was a must with that red hair. ;)

Aaaand because I couldn't resist, the Dragonwitch herself (from Dragonwitch by Anne Elisabeth Stengl). Both of the dresses would work, so both are in there. I chose Christian Louboutins for her feet becase (1) they are red and black and (2) they are delightfully sharp and mean business. There are two scents because Chanel is perfect, but that orange was a good addition of colour. And finally, I found some fantastic Dragon-Jewelry (how fun is that ear-cuff?) to finish it off. ;)
Alright, I need to know: did I get anywhere close to matching your characters? Or did I miss the mark entirely? 


  1. Bree! You are such a dear! This was exactly what I needed today. ^.^ You captured my style beautifully. I adore vintage-esque dresses and whimsical accents. I would wear this ensemble in a heartbeat. That quote also perfectly encapsulates my style sensibilities. Simple elegance: less is more.

    And a berry-hued lipstick paired with the blackest of mascaras? J'adore. There's me in a nutshell. ^.^

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I did have a feeling (or a hope, more like) that it would suit you. A berry lip looks good on you, and with the flowered dress, (and black flats and a blue satchel to ground it) it seemed just your cup of tea. :)

  2. These are fantastic! Everyone's ensemble looks lovely, and you got Ginger's to a T. Flowing white, a little sky-blue, pearls (pearls are a must) and some very muted, pinky-toned make-up are Exactly So. Perfection! ^_^

    1. Psh. You know whenever I can combine fashion and writing, I'll do it in an instant. ;) And it is nice to know my mental picture is acurate. I couldn't see Ginger in any but pearls, and as I said, blue just fit, almost inexplicably. I think it was the gingery hair...But I'm glad to know you liked it & it worked!

  3. These are adorbs, Bree. ^.^ I'm tempted to revisit Polyvore and do this for my own characters. Why are sites like this so addicting?

    And all I can say is that blue is so heavenly--so DELICIOUS--that I can't even. O_o

  4. I'm tempted to tell you yes of course! to revisit Polyvore, but like Pinterest, it eats time by the mouthful. XP Now at least I may say I warned you...

    Blue is my favorite colour. I think we're agreed here? ;)


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