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Friday, May 23, 2014

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It's been entirely too long since I've shared a simple, honest-to-goodness snippets post. So today I'm skipping back to the basics. Here are the (meagre) bits of my writing this month, for your enjoyment, amusement or judgement. You choose. ^.^

"Slowly, a crack forms in the molding, and from the crack, a chip. In one rush of porcelain shards, it shatters, and pieces of it fly in every imaginable direction, an unchangeable mess.
This is that story." -Psithurism

"“No.” Gritting her teeth, she plucked the crown between her white hands. [His] hair was matted beneath it: she brushed it neatly back over his head, bent down and kissed him, a tear rolling from her cheek to his, and stood.
“Take the crown.”
He stared through her face as though he could see the wall behind.
“Take the crown!” she cried, growing upset. He didn’t move, but stood by the bookcase calculating her movements. “Take it!”" -Psithurism

"“Matter of business: I wish to employ you.” Ach, and he did not beat about the bush! The boy shoved back his hair impatiently, and wished it was proper to put one’s hat back on indoors. He would have felt much more comfortable with it atop his scalp; without it, exposure." -Psithurism

"The storm broke. A wild, crashing wind from the East brought it, and the torrents of rain that followed did not relent for many days and many nights. It soaked the aching ground and flooded the rivers, and the tides of the seven seas were higher in those days than they had been and would be for many years."

"“My sweet,” Gytha whispered softly, moving to comfort her. Both arms wrapped the sobbing girl in their warm, feminine scent that did not entirely overwhelm the stench of the wine, but was not either overwhelmed. Sequoia’s tears wet her sister’s breast and for a moment, clutching each other soundlessly, Gytha understood the love of a mother for her daughter." -Psithurism

"“I knew it!” Ajax raged, storming an angry fist into the wood table and upsetting both drink and sleeping boy alike. “Faugh, and all we did to avoid it! I’ll be avenged for this, I will!” His blood stirred with alcohol and anger, the deadliest of poisons.
“Calm yourself, Ajax.” Tarquin brandished the shears philosophically, and the spoon held before his face wiggled fearfully. “Even you must see anger will get you nowhere.” One lazy eye rolled in its socket, and like a lazy cat watching a fly long-buzzing over his head, he snapped: the hairs were history." -Psithurism


  1. It's been neat to see your writing improve in Psithurism as you have been working on it. The snippets get better and better! The very first snippet, with its powerful descriptive imagery, is my favourite; second to it is that simple emotional truth that one feels safer ensconced in a hat than not. I feel like these are veins of gold in your potential, and they are beautiful to see. ^_^

    Cheers! cheers!

    1. Yay! I love to hear when someone sees improvement - they say it takes longer for someone else to notice than you do, after all.

      Mm. I had a lot of fun with the first snippet. It is, as you can imagine, from the prologue (which I didn't know I needed until this week) and sets up the story nicely. I figured it would set up the post in the same manner.

  2. my dear girl, you write well. By George, these are simply splendid. Jenny is right in saying your writing in Psithurism has improved so much. I am so very definitely piqued. All these snippets are really lovely, strong and the description really fits/ Love it!


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