Happy Things to Lift Your Heart

Monday, June 02, 2014

Rachel posted a day or two ago about happy things just because. It was a lovely, uplifting little read, and it got me thinking. A lot of time, in the weight of everyday life, we forget how much we're blessed.  Particularly as writers: we get wound up in the darkness of the scenarios we're writing, whether that means writing from a villain's perspective or delving into the heart of any other lost character: it muddles us and we get in my mother's proverbial "funk". I know I do.

So: to combat any ickiness, grumblers or simply over-thinking writerdom, here are 15 happy things to make your day that much better. Much love. Xx

all images via pinterest / / / collage made by me
And if you like this sort of thing, go hop over to my summer board on Pinterest for lots of other lovelies.


  1. Hooray for happy things! More time should be spent celebrating them. I applaud this post.

  2. this made me a much happier Riley than I was a few minutes ago.
    I've been working on a particularly depressing research paper and it has rendered me a grumpy troll. I needed to be reminded that I am blessed.
    Thank you Bree<3

    1. Glad to be of service to you, Riley! Making people happy is my favorite. ^.^

  3. oh how i love this! THANK YOU for sharing!


    1. My pleasure! Welcome to the blog. :)


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