Monday, July 28, 2014

Many of you may (or may not) be aware that Jennifer Freitag of The Penslayer is due to self-publish her in-the-wings novel Plenilune very soon. The question is: when?

I could be a nice blogger and just give it to you, right there.


You also could be one of those people who scrolls down to the release date, expecting it to be large and red and emboldened at the bottom of the post.

(I'm not making it that easy.)

It also might occur to you that you have not yet been told even the subject of this book - which will determine whether searching for the date is worth it or not.

(...You're probably right.)
The fate of Plenilune hangs on the election of the Overlord, for which Rupert de la Mare and his brother are the only contenders, but when Rupert’s unwilling bride-to-be uncovers his plot to murder his brother, the conflict explodes into civil war.To assure the minds of the lord-electors of Plenilune that he has some capacity for humanity, Rupert de la Mare as been asked to woo and win a lady before he can become the Overlord, and he will do it—even if he has to kidnap her. En route to Naples to catch a suitor, Margaret Coventry was not expecting a suitor to catch her. 
Now you've firmly decided to buy the book upon it's release, you'll want to know the earliest date you can possibly purchase it. (Hint: it's also my birthday.)
Haven't figured it out yet?

your date-choosing skills are on point, jenny.

So if you feel like celebrating my birthday with me (hurrah!) or you just want to buy a fantastic book, mark your calendars for October 20th! I'll be participating in the cover reveal of Plenilune as well, so keep your eyes trained on this page in the meantime: it's something you won't want to miss.

That wasn't too hard now, was it?


How To Be A Writer

Monday, July 21, 2014

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[A list, because at the moment my brain does not do anything but. 2-week packing does that to ya.]

1. Dedicate Yourself
You can't just 'like' something to pursue it: you have to want it (and be willing to live, eat, breathe and dream about it). You know you're doing it right when your characters are as much a part of your household conversations as you are.

2. Be Prepared To Loose Your Sanity
Characters and story lines will dominate your thoughts whether you want them to or not. 

3. You'll Probably Start Liking Enya
It's just part of the job description. And no one quite knows the reason.

4. Your Friends Will Ask To Read Your Book
...When obviously that first draft is anything but legible! Don't worry, they'll soon resort to asking once a year whether you've finished "that book yet." Much better.

5. Grab Some Tea
An age-old standby, really.

6. Throw Your Inner Editor Out The Window
You can invite him back in when you've finished writing the actual book.

7. You'll Be Asked What You Do "At That Computer All Day"
And when you explain, they probably won't believe you.

8. Be Prepared To Be Ridiculed For Calling Pinterest Research
They really won't understand this one.

9. You Will Still Be Thinking About Writing On Breaks
Hey, your characters would get lonely at home by themselves!

10. You Could Read 101 Tips On Being A Writer
But until you sit down and type, the page is still blank. Funny how that works.

Right. Best of luck!
(this post is in jest. please do not take it too seriously. XD)

Beautiful People: Cyrus

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

via pinterest///This is in no way similar to Cyrus. But I couldn't find anything suitable, and this dress is perfectly Ardetan. So there you go.

It's been so long since I did a Beautiful People post, I thought I'd go ahead and unpack this fellow Cyrus, somewhat new to me and most entirely unknown to you. I won't tell you too much about him, since that really is the job of the questionnaire; I will say he's a quiet fellow, but sturdy enough.

1) What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavor of chocolate!)
You don't start off easy, do you? Cyrus has little interest in food (though for chocolate, he won't say no to some white-with-raspberry-filling). A well-prepared beet soup maybe -- summer dishes are the best.

2) What do they absolutely hate?
Cocky incompetence.

3) What do they enjoy learning about?
Science and mathematics, history and rhetoric. Sometimes botany. (Botany? Why botany?)

4) Who is the most influential person in their life?
His tutor, his schoolbooks, his studies: he is an intelligent boy, for sure.

5) What is their childhood fear?
It is an odd fear coming from such a solitary creature, but Cyrus long feared isolation. There's something to be said for it too: the unchallenged mind is subject to all sorts of attacks, especially from itself.

6) What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible?
Strangely, Cyrus would like to fly. He's not too sure how this would be possible, but he has studied math and science in-depth, and if anyone was to discover a method of flying, it would be him.

7) What is something he is impractically afraid of?
Again, isolation. He does not like to be bothered, questioned, or pestered, but he does not either like to be alone. He needs to find a woman to accompany him in silence; a warm, unassuming presence to keep his head from wandering, silent enough to let him learn.

8) Are they a night owl or morning person?
Cyrus is, without a doubt, a morning person. Unlike most scholars, he does not like to stay up until the wee hours of the morning at his books. Rather, he wakes naturally with the sun, and works from there through the day until the sky grows dark. His eyesight at least is not hurt by this method...

9) Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid?
Definitely not! Cyrus leaves a lot to be said, resulting quite often in curious spectators and uncertain relations alike. He's difficult to read, and his quiet brain is constantly measuring his surroundings.

10) What are their nervous habits?
Lip-biting. It's common among his kind. XP

And there you have it - Psithurism's book-nerd, if you will. 
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