How To Be A Writer

Monday, July 21, 2014

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[A list, because at the moment my brain does not do anything but. 2-week packing does that to ya.]

1. Dedicate Yourself
You can't just 'like' something to pursue it: you have to want it (and be willing to live, eat, breathe and dream about it). You know you're doing it right when your characters are as much a part of your household conversations as you are.

2. Be Prepared To Loose Your Sanity
Characters and story lines will dominate your thoughts whether you want them to or not. 

3. You'll Probably Start Liking Enya
It's just part of the job description. And no one quite knows the reason.

4. Your Friends Will Ask To Read Your Book
...When obviously that first draft is anything but legible! Don't worry, they'll soon resort to asking once a year whether you've finished "that book yet." Much better.

5. Grab Some Tea
An age-old standby, really.

6. Throw Your Inner Editor Out The Window
You can invite him back in when you've finished writing the actual book.

7. You'll Be Asked What You Do "At That Computer All Day"
And when you explain, they probably won't believe you.

8. Be Prepared To Be Ridiculed For Calling Pinterest Research
They really won't understand this one.

9. You Will Still Be Thinking About Writing On Breaks
Hey, your characters would get lonely at home by themselves!

10. You Could Read 101 Tips On Being A Writer
But until you sit down and type, the page is still blank. Funny how that works.

Right. Best of luck!
(this post is in jest. please do not take it too seriously. XD)

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  1. This is hilarious. Utterly. Especially numers 2, 3, and 7.
    Sometimes I feel like yelling, "Well, I'm sorry I just spilled concrete all over your pants, but I have plots acting themselves out in my mind." (By the way, I did spill a wheel-barrow of concrete on someone, once.)


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