The Miracle of Literature (Guest Post at Fullness of Joy)

Monday, November 03, 2014

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Today I'm visiting lovely Joy's blog! Read a sneak peak of the post here, and click over to read the rest.
Last night I watched, for the first time, the movie Dead Poet's Society. Aside from the unavoidable tear-shed (that caught me by surprise), it got me thinking about literature, poetry, art, and that little je ne sais quoi in a few rare works that rakes you in and clutches your heart. As a writers, I know we all strive for that element, and it is often the determining factor in whether or not the book becomes an all-time favorite...Click here to read the full post.


  1. I went and read your piece and I love it. That's what I love about finding a new author: I want to see the world as he sees it. I want to get inside his head and the heads of his characters. I like authors who can challenge me and make me see the world, life, or even myself in ways I never thought of. Writing without putting any of yourself into it is just wrong.

    1. I want to add something to this but truly, you've covered everything I would have said. I had a teacher once that told me her favorite books were the ones that changed/moved her emotionally, that made her laugh, cry, or ache for the characters; the books that make you care. I think she was right.


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