Jewel Tones: Berry & Sapphire | #OOTD

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Outfit Details:
/ / / TOP / / /
-Black elbow-length top, zipper detailing (Old Navy)
-Blue and floral-patterned scarf (Vintage, hand-me-down)

/ / / BOTTOM / / /
-Black skinny jeans, cuffed (Old Navy)
-Berry ankle strap flats (old, Old Navy)

/ / / ACCESSORIES / / /
-Pearl earrings (gifted, unknown)
-Clear/pink lipgloss (EOS, Strawberry)
-Black handbag with gold hardware (old, unknown)

Where I live, the weather has been very warm recently; and by warm, I mean it reached 60 degrees yesterday. And while there's a part of me that is hesitant to enjoy it, knowing the cold will return with full force in a matter of days, there's another part of me that was thrilled to be able to go without a jacket and wear those winter-toned shoes that just don't cover enough foot to be practical in under-50-degree weather (read: ballet flats).

My favorite part about this outfit is the scarf. It's an old shawl actually, huge and fringed and floral - which means it makes a fantastic scarf, and is beautifully warm for days like this where you don't want to wear a coat, but your neck still gets chilly. My hair is french-braided for no reason other than the fact that it dries the least frizzy that way. The pearl earrings were a gift from my younger sister a few months ago, and I love the classiness they add to an outfit: understated and still polished. Lovely. I might have added a purple lip & exchanged the shoes for heels if I was going somewhere nice, but I wasn't - so flats it is! Finally, I kept my base simple (all black) to let the rich color scheme of the accessories speak for themselves. They add warmth to the look while still keeping it winter-appropriate.

What have you been wearing lately?


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  2. I like the mostly black look so that it emphasizes the color that's added. And I love the way you did you hair too!

  3. I love this outfit! I looks classy and cosy. And springy. French braids are cute. I'm waiting for my hair to grow out long enough so I can do one

  4. Katie, Ashley, Jack: y'all are darlings. Katie, I would love to see you do a jewel-toned makeup look. Ashely: thank you! I always french braid it when I come out of the shower - it dries all frizz-free & wavy. ^.^ Jack: I cannot wait to pull out my spring clothes. Only another few months...;)

  5. This outfit is so classy. Loving the black with jewel tones. And aren't scarves an incredible accessory? I'm trying my hardest not to covet yours. ;) I need to purchase more sometime soon... that and experiment with shaped flannel shirts.


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