Two-way Stripes: (Wearing Summer Clothes In The Winter) | #OOTD

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

/ / / TOP / / /
-Black and white striped tee (old, Forever 21)
-Blue button-down sweater (Thrifted, Banana Republic)

/ / / BOTTOM / / /
-Distressed jean shorts (Old Navy)
-Black ribbed tights (Unknown, probably Walmart or Target)
-Leather combat boots (Thrifted, unknown)

/ / / ACCESSORIES / / /
-Straw fedora (Unknown)
-La Tour Eiffel Earrings (old, Forever 21)

Today's outfit is an interesting combo: shorts over tights. The first time I wore this, I think my family thought I was wacky, but it's become one of my favorite ways to make summer pieces work year round. Black tights are a staple, of course, and slipping them underneath your shorts is a great way to add texture and dimension to your winter wardrobe, and to break the habit of wearing jeans and a sweater every day (because I definitely do that). [Jenny shared yesterday that this style is also common to Glasgow - who knew?] I paired mine with stripes - because stripes are classic and my favorite - but this would work well with any variety of tops (and cosy sweaters, too).

And the hat. I bought this hat a few years ago to wear by the pool, or to the park/on a picnic, and while it's still fantastic for those purposes, I've also been bringing it out in the winter to add a little flair now and again. Paired with the right things, it can easily look winter-appropriate. 

Basically, I'm being cheeky and wearing summer clothes in the winter (shh). 

Do you have any strange summer-winter combinations? Tell me I'm not the only one.


  1. Stripes are always the best! I love the combat boots and earrings too.

  2. Thanks, Ashley! Stripes are my favorite staple. <3

  3. I tried the tights under shorts last fall and my Mum wasn't a fan. But I think I'll try it again this spring!
    The only strange combination I can think of is in the spring I wear shorts and chunky sweaters <3

    also, I love how creative you are at hiding your face ;) It makes for really fun pictures!


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