What is #inthepink? What Are My 2015 Health Goals? (Et Others)

Friday, January 09, 2015

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One of my resolutions (more like goals, actually) was to tone up a bit more, elongate my muscles and stretch more regularly. Don't we all have that resolution? ;)

As a dancer, it's easy for me to build up bulky muscle mass; it's also pertinent that I stretch regularly to maintain flexibility and avoid injury. Some of you may or may not know I cut severly down on my dance hours last semester, and in building them back up again this year, I need to be particularly careful. But even if you're not a dancer, it's important to take care of your body. So in pursuit of keeping each other accountable, I present to you my health goals for the year of 2015: feel free to borrow the idea on your blog - I want to hear your goals as well! You can also tag along on social media with the hashtag #inthepink.

1. D R I N K   W A T E R
Easy enough. 8 glasses per day is the recommended minimum, but I usually clock in around 5. The method? Keep a chart! I've actually been doing this for a few months now, drawing a string of eight little [water?] bubbles on my to-do list for the day, and coloring one in when I've drunk a glass. It's a silly little motivational trick, but it works. I'd also recommend drinking through a straw; not only do you want to drink more (mind trick) but you also feel instantly more posh. It's my favorite. ^_^

2. M O V E
Dance starts on Monday; I'll be averaging 9-ish hours a week, but until that point the exercising is left to me (the same goes for any breaks and during the summertime). My favorite are Ballet Beautiful routines, which you can find all over Youtube and Pinterest; or I'll run a mile, when I don't have time for a full 40-min workout. The important point is not to spend a long time on it, but to get in a little bit every day or every other day. I work out 3-4 days a week on non-dance weeks. During dance, I would like to at least stretch a little every day. And that leads me to...

3. S T R E T C H
It's so important to stretch your body at the end of every form of exercising, in order to lengthen the muscle and keep it slender; in order to avoid injury; in order to keep your body agile. For the specifics, I'd like to get my right and left oversplits, and keep my middle splits consistantly. I'd like to increase my back flexibility: right now it's about zilch. Mostly, I'd just like to stretch every night before bed - it's also fantastic praying time.

4. E A T
It's important to get good food in your body, no matter who you are or what you do. I'm focusing on cleaner, simpler foods (raw, fresh, unprocessed) and overall less sugar (I have a serious sweet tooth). Yes, it's probably the same thing everyone else you know is aiming for. I don't claim to be original; just to understand what I'm about and to go after it unwaveringly. All that to say: if you see me sneaking cookies, you're allowed to poke me. I don't bite [people]. ;)

5. S L E E P
Oh glorious sleep! I am guilty of staying up far too late, which results in my getting up after 8 AM, when the morning is half over. Not cool. The goal? To be in bed, reading or otherwise, by 10 AM. I want to get up at 7 or earlier every morning, and kick the day in the rear before it's had it's 8 AM coffee. XD

And that's it - 5 simple goals, a little bit general and a little bit specific. Like I said, the important thing is sticking to a schedule and making good habits. What are your health goals for the year? 


  1. #inthepink — I love it.

    My health goals for 2015 include purging the majority of sugar and dairy from my diet and, in general, watching what I eat. I'm trying to eat well for myself, for the health of my body, and trying even harder not to obsess over dieting. My plan is to eat clean, exercise, and cultivate a positive mindset that rings simultaneous with overall healthy living.

    Happy 2015. Your goals are awesome; you inspire me. ^.^

    1. Watching what you eat is one of the most important steps; it's something I struggle majorly with, but as they say: there's always room for improvement. :)

      And a positive mindset! I actually have a post in draft about that; I think it's so important to living healthfully.

      YOU inspire ME.

  2. I love BB too! I have been doing Mary Helen's workouts off and on -but mainly on- for the last two years and I greatly relish how toned and lovely they make you feel! One thing that I challenged myself to do this month is have Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green smoothie for breakfast every morning. They are quite tasty and I enjoy how sophisticated I feel while drinking them. :)

    1. I love Mary Helen Bowers! Her routines are excellent. <3

      I will have to look up the green smoothie; I make green drinks about once a week, but they are not quite palatable enough to have for breakfast. I'll have to give this one a try!


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