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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

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Let's talk about fashion for a minute. I've mentioned before that as I child I was adamant about clothing: certain things looked good and certain things didn't. I had the sort of perspective on style that decided there was a "right" and "wrong" (how wrong I was), and though it wasn't until I was ten that the idea of trends even occured to me, and I made many mistakes (and still do), I always knew certain things did and didn't "work." From there, I just gathered the clothing I thought looked pretty.

Last year, however, I reached a bit of a closet identity crisis (this sounds dramatic; it wasn't) in which I loved a lot of what was in my wardrobe, but only as solo pieces - nothing worked well with the other items in my closet. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's struggled with this? I discovered I did not know my style; from there, I read countless blog posts and pinned thousands of images in order to decide what I liked & why I liked it - but the moral of this story is not found in my personal style journey.

There's fashion - all the clothes we see on the runway, red carpet, and eventually in the stores we shop. Then, there's style. 

I read once that too many people see the clothing they buy as a finished item, instead of just an ingredient, with which she might taper and fidget until it suits her, specifically and uniquely. This isn't to say you need to have all your clothes tailored - goodness knows I wouldn't have money for that - but it changed my outlook on dressing, because it helped me see more potential in the clothing I have, rather than going out and buying a new piece. For example, most dresses can be worn three ways, not one: as a dress, as a skirt (with something over the top), and as a shirt (with a different skirt over the bottom). Whether you use a belt, layering, or even pinning and tucking in invisible places, I encourage you to experiment with your clothing, and use it for more than its given purpose.

Your style is not simply the clothes that you wear, it's the impression you give to other people by wearing it. Don't think about it too much; still, it's good to be aware of how you appear to other people. The clothes that make you feel best & prettiest are the best description of you.

Less is more. I have too often attempted to pair too many attention-grabbing elements, and the result is only confusion. My favorite fallback is a simple and delineated outfit with one powerful statement piece. Whether that's a bright lip, unique shoe, statement necklace or otherwise - it tells one, specific story on a clear canvas. 
My style is simple, clean, and mostly monochrome - of course I'm not the only person to have a style like this, but each person has his/her unique interests; I like gold accessories, I like bright lipstick, and I like bold shoes. Whatever your story is, tell it. Don't wait for a trend to tell you to do it.

What's your style?


  1. I'd say that my style is a bit like yours (you hardly ever pin something that I don't like). It's clean, classy, and mostly black.

    1. I've never seen classy go out of style, as someone wise once said. And it's true.

      My family teases me that I dress like I'm mourning, but black clothing is just so. Sleek. I love it. :)

    2. Love this :). I imagine my style is a bit eccentric - colourful, dramatic and exotic. At least, that's when I'm paying attention. Too often I don't bother and end up just forking on any old clothes.

    3. I would love to see what you're style is like; it sounds so fun!

  2. I totally agree. Fashion is something anyone can throw on and wear badly, but it takes style to wear fashion well. I would say my style is classic but with a whimsical twist. Style icons I love are Audrey Hepburn and Amy Adams alongside modern bloggers like Tanesha Aswanthi and Maria McGrath. Much of what I wear is what many would call vintage-inspired but is essentially my personality...in clothing. Haha.

    1. Audrey Hepburn and Amy Adams are both wonderful - I haven't heard of the others, but I'll have to look them up! My favorite style bloggers are Wendy Nguyen and Rachel Parcell. Both have beautiful and expensive wardrobes I could never afford, but it's inspirational nonetheless. :)

  3. Whenever I go shopping I always tell myself to only buy what I absolutely love. I know from previous experience that I won't wear it unless I love it in the store. Over the years I have sort of developed my own weird style from just simply what I find and love. It might sound like a messy way to go shopping, but I am happy with my wardrobe. And, of course, if I find an outfit on pinterest that I adore I am sure to pin it for inspiration. ;) Great post!

    1. And it's important too, to love your clothing: I've found plenty of things that could have been classfied as "my style" but I didn't love. Clothing is fun! Wear what you feel good in! ;)


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