The Beauty of Fashion

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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I know there's a lot going around about finding your personal style at the moment. We see posts all over about discovering where your niche is and sticking with it, creating a capsule wardrobe that embodies it, or at the very least purging your closet of the things that aren't "you." I want to start by saying generally, I am for this principle. The more streamlined, simplified, and functional your wardrobe, the easier it is to dress in the morning, the less you find yourself hating everything in your closet, and the outfit mix-and-match range is larger. Seriously: knowing your style is crucial.

However (and here's where you'll need to bear with me) there are some places its better to be more flexible. For example, I have many times before foregone an outfit because it didn't feel like "me", and ended wearing jeans another day in a row (and wanting a break up in the flow). I've not bought things that I love, because they don't match the color scheme of my wardrobe. On the flip side, I have kept items for insignificant reasons like "I might wear it," and end up loving the item a few months later.

And recently, I've been wearing skirts and dresses on my rack I never thought I would wear again; but because I feel like it - because they're starting to feel like "me", too.
The beauty of fashion is it's always changing - you can wear that leather jacket and kick rears one evening, rock a tulle skirt to school the next day, and still leave room for the blouse-and-distressed-jeans you that makes more regular appearances. Fashion is costuming in the simplest sense.

What I'm saying is this: fashion changes, and so will your tastes, likes and dislikes. In general, you'll like the same sort of clothing, but the nuances are what make style so different from person to person. If you edit your wardrobe down too much (trust me, I've been there) you'll often end up bored of your own style.

So loosen up! Leave room for a few (just a few) of those fun, odd pieces that maybe you don't wear weekly, because sometimes you will wear them. Those little nuances are what make your style so distinctly you. The beauty of fashion is you can be a different person every day, and still all along be you.


  1. you made some really great points. While it is always good to stay with who you are in your fashion sense, it's also important to remember that we all change and that taking risks in your style can be very surprisingly rewarding sometimes. :)

    1. Exactly, Hannah. Sometimes my favorite pieces in my closet are the ones I thought would never work. :)

  2. Hey! Just wanted to drop a note and say I appreciated the post, especially the point about flexibility. Sometimes the only option we have is to use what is already in the 'drobe. ^.^


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