5 Ways To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe Into Your Spring One

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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I am getting bored of my winter wardrobe and very ready to pull out my spring one. Am I the only one who does that? Towards the end of the season I am always ready to plunge into the next, before the weather will allow me. ;) As such, today I want to talk about a few ways you can transition your winter wardrobe into your spring one (also known as start wearing your spring clothes a little earlier).

I've already started wearing lighter, dewyer makeup and pink/peach/nude lip colors because I can't resist the springtime allure of them. The beauty of this is that a neutral, springtime makeup look can work with practically any outfit, and lifts the coloring of it gently but assuredly. Feathery lashes, bronze eyes, and pink lips? Swoon.

By pairing a pale pink/blue/mint necklace with the usually dark-toned fare of winter, you add a touch of light springness without going overboard or jumping the gun. I especially love to pair pastel jewelry with colors like dark and light grey and black, to ground it and keep the color scheme winter-appropriate.

I wear jeans all. the. time. - even in spring and summer. However, to break up the flow and add a little of the spring feel to my wardrobe (as well as to keep from that fatal Winter Rut that is wearing the same thing every day) I've been loving wearing more skirts and dresses as spring comes around. By wearing them in winter colors and/or pairing them with tights, you get the luxury of a swingy skirt or dress without feeling ridiculously ahead of schedule. ;)

Adding a fresh pop of color to your nails brings in a little of the spring warmth without overwhelming. The small detail is enough to take a peek at spring colors, however, and add that little bit of fun to your outfits as winter comes to a close. My favorite colors are lavander, grey-toned mints (I save the brighter ones for the summer months), and pale pink.

White winter clothes - be that scarves, jumpers, jeans, boots, etc - are my favorite way to transition to spring. Crisp and cosy enough to still have a winter feel but light enough to feel like springtime, its the perfect in-between. I especially love a thick-knit white sweater (paired with a peach lip, this is gorgeous), and of course you can't go wrong with a big, white scarf.

How do you like to transition to spring?


  1. Honestly, I don't really transition. :P I almost always wear darker toned colors. I wear a lot of black and then add a splash of color with accessories or an undershirt.

    I rarely do white because I'm so accident prone and I just end up staining it. . . But I've been "braver" recently and bought a white scarf that I adore.

    I love what you said about skirts. I'm a jeans girl all the way. But I think I'm going to try mixing it up a little more this year, especially this spring.

    1. I am definitely an all-black-all-the-time girl - so I get you. :) But when temperatures won't provide you the outlet of cropped pants and elbow-length tees, color it is.
      White scarves are perfect this time of year - I'm currently looking for a thick, knit one to go with my thinner sweaters. <3

      Thanks for stopping by!


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