Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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For the sake of honesty and keeping it real around here, today I'm going to talk about the daily female struggle that is wardrobes: good and bad, we all come across those days when we feel we simply have nothing to wear. It's normal, but it's frustrating, and I think it's safe to say we'd all like to avoid those days as much as possible, or at least have a survival plan when they hit.

Thus, 5 Ways To Avoid Having Nothing To Wear (the closet guidebook).

1. Keep your wardrobe clean and pretty
This is very simple: when you can't see or find something, you're more than likely to forget it exists, and often have to settle for less-than favorite pieces. Keep it clean and visible, and you'll know where something should be when you want it.  If at all possible, keep a few of your accessories on display - some of my best combinations have come when I drop one Something down beside another Something and realise they look brilliant together.

2. Love your clothes
This goes both ways: keeping your clothing in good shape, clean, ironed when necessary and generally ready-to-wear will eliminate the issue of having to fidget, which for me is the main contender against my closet on days such as this. If I'm fidgeting with an article of clothing all day, I'll most like end up hating it. It's just the way it goes. On the other hand, if you do your best to eliminate the fidgety clothing from your closet in the first place, it's just a matter of deciding which favorite pieces you'll wear on that particular day.

3. Find a style to imitate
My closet most wars against me when I feel like I've worn a slight variation on the same outfit, for days on end. I want to do something different, but I'm not sure what. For the sake of these days, I keep a secret board on Pinterest (shh...) of style inspiration, mainly things just outside my comfort zone so that when I'm tired of my "uniform", I can go mimick someone else's. This keeps me constantly trying new things, and very often finding new favorite styles. Wonderful. ^.^

4. Be willing to experiment
Stemming from number 3, when you have a more open mind about how you can utilise the pieces in your closet, more outfit options are presented and less frustration ensues. A simple half-tuck of your shirt into your jeans displays the waist detailing and transforms an outfit. Wear tights under your shorts instead of with a skirt. Try new things.

5. Accessories are your friend
Some of the best ways to liven up your wardrobe are with accessories. Try layering your necklaces for a heavier look, or wrap a sweater or jacket around your waist for a belt alternative (and added pattern). Experiment; sometimes you will come up with genius combinations that will make the effort worthwhile. ;)

How do you cope with I-Have-Nothing-To-Wear Days?


  1. I cope with my nothing to wear days in a strange manner....I make one of my siblings choose my outfit ;)
    It might be a little uncomfortable (What if they pick out something awful?) but usually it stretches me and pulls me out of the rut!

    1. Clever! I'll have to try this out. ;)

    2. post a pic on instagram if you do ;)
      also your new header is the bomb.com.

  2. I need to keep these in mind. I have trouble with fashion, part because I'm too lazy, and part because I always tend to dress like a soldier. I think wearing my bombardier jacket non stop might be part of that. But I went through my clothes, so I might try and get more creative. I will try some new styles, mimicking some I've seen. Could be fun!

    1. Sounds good! I think we all get in ruts or just feel lazy about our clothing, and my favorite way to get out of that is to challenge myself. All the best in your clothing ventures!


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