The World Is As Mad As A March Hare

Monday, March 02, 2015

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"The world is as wild as an old wives' tale / and strange the plain things are." -G. K. CHESTERTON

March's Chatterbox topic is the very broad subject of Superstition. I have only half and hour to write this, but half-hours can be a lot more productive than you would think, if you have only that time-slot in which to do something non-negotiable. Here we go, then!

"We are going hunting, Friday," Starlight said, dropping her gloves on the sidetable and beginning to undo the scarf at her neck.

She laughed, and tossed the scarf onto the table with the other things and collapsed into a chair across from him, but there was something unsure in her thin, arched brow.

"Rabbit, as a matter of fact. You've hunted them before, surely?" Ryker was nursing a teacup of coffee, staring into it thoughtfully after every sip before replacing it in its saucer.

"Oh, many." The girl forced a laugh again, and he began to pour her tea. She took the cup from him carefully; their fingers brushed a moment before both were back, collapsed each in his own chair, sipping with a measured carelessness. "But..." and she drifted off into silence.

"Mmm." He quirked a brow and sipped his coffee.
"Friday?" she piped up again, and this time he could see more clearly the concern in her eyes.
"What's wrong with Friday?"
"Oh, nothing with Fridays in general - usually, they are quite nice days, I should say - but this one in particular..."
"Have you something else planned? You know we could reschedule-"
"No. No, of course I have nothing else planned. That's just the thing."
"Were you wanting to take the day off? I have given you much leeway, I should have thought this would be no trouble to you."
"It's not that - I shouldn't like to be a trouble. Well, of course, we could just stay here, at home, and read, Friday. I should not like to leave the house, that is." He had never seen her act so queer; he was beginning to be irritated.
"Oh out with it, woman. You have obviously some qualm with the plan you don't seem apt to explain; still, until I have a logical excuse, we are going hunting - and that's that." He couldn't see her trouble.
"It's Friday the thirteenth," she blurted, sitting up ram-rod straight in her chair.
His mouth dropped a few degreess, and he stared at her for a moment before ejaculating, "Oh to heck with it all. The woman is superstitious!"

Starlight, eyes popped and looking horribly bewildered, sat back in her chair and sipped her tea; Ryker was laughing.

"You are mad," she sniffed, wounded.
"Mad as a March Hare." His eyes were dancing.


  1. Haha. Poor Starlight. Somehow I think she'd look like a pretty, frightened little rabbit herself.

  2. This is a great piece of writing! I enjoyed reading it! =)

    1. Thanks Emily! If I have nothing, at least I'm entertaining. ;D


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