NOTICE: an announcement

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You may have noticed a lack of posts around here lately, and that is due to the fact that, as this school-term ends, I have been positively swamped with activity. Thus, I'm announcing a short hiatus from the blog until mid-May (three weeks from now) when I will gladly rejoin you, finished with school & dance for the year and ready to take on the internet world again. ;) I'll still be tweeting occasionally, as well as posting on Instagram and pinning on Pinterest - all manner of things that only take a few minutes to update.

Until then? I'll see you around, lovely lot. <3 nbsp="">


  1. oh dear, I thought you were announcing a permanent hiatus! I'm glad you'll only be gone for a little bit.
    Good luck on all of your school bits + dance Carmel! I'll miss your posts :)

  2. The joy of end terms. I hope it all goes well!!


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