The French Girl Principle

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

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I saw mentioned in passing on a blog post once the trick to effortlessly chic French fashion, every time. I'm not usually a fan of "tricks" et al, but this intrigued me. One of the things people constantly seem eluded by is that aptly titled je ne sais quoi, that little flair in the way in which things are compiled, the simple ponytail, the shoes chosen. The idea is that it's not something you can easily replicate - it's just something you have or you don't have (and the French have got the monopoly on it). The website - or the post, rather - claimed they had found it and would unravell it for the general public. Naturally, I clicked over to read what they would say, true or not, and if it was worth noting.

Suprisingly, though I do not believe this solves every fashion error, this is a brilliant rule-of-thumb to keep in your back pocket, if it's not there already.

If it's above the knee, wear flats. If it falls below the knee, wear heels.

Simple, right? When I first read it I felt a bit cheated. That's it? That's just common sense. But it makes those unsure circumstances that little bit easier when you have guidelines to go by: is it too short for heels? Well where does it fall?

One more thing: rules - especially in fashion - are there to be learned, understood, and then broken. This isn't the end-all-be-all of fashion; but it's a handy principle to keep tabs on, especially when going for that effortless chic, that I-barely-tried look that is French fashion. Use or abuse it, it's a good one to know.



  1. great rules x

  2. Huh. That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing. ^.^

  3. To all: thanks for your input! I hope this proves useful. ^.^


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