Thoughts on Fear

Monday, April 20, 2015

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This is a little piece I wrote a few days ago, on the concept of fear, anxiety, and perseverence. I know most of my writing on this blog is fantasy & fashion, but sometimes its good to mix in a little of the ordinary life, and write it out with your heart and soul. What we write comes from life. It's a good exercise to make what you live become writing, too.

We feel the fear on our heart like a cold, metal sheath and we face it anyway. We face it anyways because we were not meant to live with it and we were not meant to cower from it. We push back our shoulders, raise up our head again and again, defeat after defeat we stand up and march on, through the bitterness of loss and the wave of success. Do not cry - sweet tears cannot wipe away what is past, and what is past is only a memory: it cannot wipe away what good lies ahead. The day awaits; we greet it. In our hearts a song is playing, a beating drum, marching on, marching on...

I challenge you to take some thought or occurence from your everyday life, and turn it into a piece of work. It doesn't have to be long; just write.


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