Summer Reading List: 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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I mentioned in my last post I had a list of books I wanted to read this summer, and a few of you expressed interest in seeing it! The list is, admittedly, longer than I know I can accomplish, but then that is the joy of it: challenging yourself that little bit beyond what you know you can achieve, and doing better than your originally planned. I hope at the end of the summer to share what I have accomplished, if it is worth mentioning.

I would love to see your summer lists! Leave a link to your blog post and/or tell me in the comments below. There are few things so enjoyable to me as sharing books. :)

1. DAVID COPPERFIELD by Charles Dickens
This is my assigned reading for the summer, and from what I've heard, I think I'll really enjoy this next hefty piece of Dickens. I've read Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities in the past and found a lot of inspiration from both; I hope this proves similarly provoking!

Before you start yelling one way or the other, I am only giving these books a test. Several respected friends have recommended I read the series; likewise, respected friends have warned me they aren't worth my time. When the scale is so even, I like to dive in and decide for myself (you might have figured that out by this point). I plan on reading at least two: if afterwards I find I don't want to continue, fine! I can say I've read them for myself and have not judged without doing so. If I enjoy them, I'll continue accordingly. :)

3. THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS by James Fenimore Cooper
Chloe's been pestering me since two years ago when she read this to pick up a copy and read the book. I've pushed it off for a long while, but I figure summertime is a good excuse to finally read this classic.

The summer of hefty reading! This book actually is not too long, but it's not one of Lewis' that you can whizz through like, for example, The Great Divorce. I started this near the beginning of the year but haven't read much more than a few pages a week since March, and I want to finally sit down and finish the thing. It's a necessary book for, I think, everyone to read at some point in his/her life.

If I'm not mistaken, Perelandra is on my reading list next school year. I would like to have this finished before I get there.

6. PAPER TOWNS by John Green
Another "experiment book," if you will - this one I'm not too sure about, as The Fault In Our Stars was not a favorite of mine. Still, books like this only take me a few hours to read, and I would like to see what all the hype is about.

Have you read any of these books, and do you have something to share about them? Let me know!


  1. I've had The Last of the Mohicans on my summer list for too many years. I really need to take initiative and get it done. :) 6 books seems like a good stack for summer reading! I hope you enjoy them. :)


    1. I've had Cooper on my stack for several years as well - I intend for this to be the year I actually read it, but I've intended that in past years too. >.<

      All the best to your summer reading, too! :)

  2. Sounds like fun!

    I haven't read Harry Potter either. I'm probably in the same boat you are. Some people say it's a must read, others are say just read something else.

    I have read Mere Christianity! It is really good. I love the way Lewis explains things.

    Yeah , I wasn't much for TFiOS either...

    1. I think Harry Potter is just one of those books. I personally just finished the first one and found it a very sweet, amusing and often quotable book - but my saying that only ours me on the list with people who enjoyed it, and you have to decide for yourself. ;)

      Lewis' method of explaining always leaves me whispering "yes, exactly," and whishing I had thought of it the way he's written it. So good. <3

  3. Looks like an awesome list! I read 'Mere Christianity' a couple of years ago for school and I remember being a little amazed by Lewis. Of course, there were a few points where I thought he slipped up, but for the most part, it was brilliant. I plan to reread it some time.

    This summer is the first time in a while that I've actually planned my reading out ahead of time! Currently, I'm working on 'War in Heaven' by Charles Williams (an associate of Lewis's). It's the first book I've ever read by Williams and I must say, I'm impressed so far. After that, I plan to read Suzannah Rowntree's 'Pendragon's Heir.' I can't wait to dig into that one. :-) Also this summer, I plan to read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (for the third time) and Harper Lee's new book 'Go Set a Watchman.' I think I might also try Ray Bradbury's 'Dandelion Wine' (No better time to read that than in the summer!) and Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray.' That's one of those books that I've been promising myself I was going to read, but never have. And having a gorgeous new leather-bound edition of it in the house is certainly motivating me!

    1. I love your list, Hanna! I'm curious to read Pendragon's Heir, when I get a chance, and To Kill A Mockingbird is possibly my favorite book of all time. (Definitely up there in the list. ;)

      Dandelion Wine! Dorian Grey! All good books I need to read soon. I hope you complete (and enjoy) your list, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. If you can, read book 3 of the Harry Potter series before you give up on them. In my opinion it's the best one.

    1. Thanks to you Katy, I will persevere. ;)

  5. Ooh, yes, I really enjoyed Harry Potter! I wasn't allowed to read them when I was younger, and I totally understand why some people choose not to read them. But it really is a well-thought-out, enjoyable series. :) i tried reading TFIOS, but didn't get past the first couple pages. I did like the movie, though. You've got a really nice reading list! :)

    1. I was never one of those kids who read Harry Potter when I was little either (obviously) and as you said, I respect people not wanting their children to read them, but if you have a clear perspective on Magic and sorcery, they are fun books and quite harmless. I just finished the first of course, so that being said, I cannot speak for the series as a whole.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. This is wonderful list! Sounds like it will be fun!


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