7 Tips To Waking Up Beautiful

Monday, June 15, 2015

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Hello lovelies! First off I want to say a round thank-you for the kind and honest responses to my most recent post - I was certainly not expecting the sort of response I got, and it was not only encouraging but humbling, knowing I'm not the only one here who doesn't have it all sorted (heck, I don't even know what I want for dinner tonight). I really appreciate you.

Today's post is one I've held on the backburner for quite a while. I wanted to experiment; to find what truly gives me the best night's sleep and the best morning following, and this is what I've come up with. I hope you enjoy, and I hope it's of use to you. Xx

1. Plan ahead
The key to a beautiful morning is entirely in how you prepare yourself the night before. If you roll into a messy bed with makeup still on, read till one AM and then zonk out, you're not likely to wake up looking like Kate Middleton. (And trust me, I've done that before.) Give yourself decent time before bed to follow a good routine; if you're a reader like I am, leave yourself enough time to get into the book without staying up to outrageous hours; always take off your makeup and get in your nightclothes before you tuck in. You will not "get to it later," no matter what you tell yourself.

2. Stick to a routine
My skin always acts the best when I'm following a steady skincare routine (if you're interested, I'd love to share this with you!). Don't go trying a bunch of new masks, products and creams at one time; if you're trying something out on your skin, you need to give it time and repeated use to truly see its results, whether positive or negative. And a combination of multiple testings will only leave your skin feeling irritated when you wake up the next morning.

3. Moisturize
It's incredibly important to moisturize your skin to avoid waking up with tightness, or for the oilier skin types like me, feeling gross and shiny. A good, balanced moisturizer will eliminate both problems.

4. Drink water (it's a life philosophy)
I can't talk about this enough. Drinking water, especially right before you sleep, solves a multitude of issues. Drink up.

5. Get your beauty sleep
That old myth about beauty sleep actually does have truth to it: your skin is fresher and more accepting of care when it's well-rested. If getting 8 hours nightly is not a possibility for you (and believe me, I only get 8 hours about once a good week) at the very least try to knock off hours on the morning-end. The hours before midnight are worth double the ones after midnight, so instead of staying up late, get up earlier. And by all means if you can avoid it, don't pull an all-nighter.

6. Get up earlier
You may think that sleeping in later will make up for what you lost the night before, but while it helps take the edge off things at first, it is ultimately detrimental. Stay in bed much past 8 AM and you will only feel more exhausted; it would be better, instead, to get up right when you wake up (or - would you believe it? - set an alarm, even on the weekend!) and get to bed early the following night. This also conditions your body to a healthy cycle of early nights and early mornings which, if your schedule can afford it, is the best way to live.

7. Sleep like a queen
Change out your pillowcases often, tie your hair back gently, make your bed in the morning so it feels crisp and clean at night. It's the little things that make a difference, and if your bed feels luxurious, you're much more likely to sleep well in it.

What do you do to make your mornings (and nights) beautiful?


  1. I'll admit, I stay up quite late, especially in the summer. I didn't know that waking up earlier was better for you!

    I also read before I go to bed, but I usually don't start that until it's too late and therefore I stay up even late to get a few pages in. Last night, actually, I fell asleep reading and my mom had to come in and turn out the light and put the book away!

    Another thing that helps me finalize the day and get rid of any wandering thoughts is journaling. (I did a post about it here)

    Hannah from Grace in Everything

    1. I love the idea of journaling before bed - it sounds like an excellent way to clear your head and unwind before sleeping. :)

  2. I love these tips, especially the one about making your bed every day. I never knew how someone could skip making their bed until I got busier and was out of the house more. :) Now I fear it happens occasionally, but I love the fresh, restful feeling of unfolding made-up blankets at night.


    1. Absolutely. Nothing like a crisp, well made bed. :)

  3. This is fabulous. Your first tip is one I have definitely learned as well. If I don't go through my nightly routine (makeup removed, contacts out, teeth brushed, etc.), I am much more likely to zonk out without doing any of it than to get up and stumble through the motions before collapsing in bed.

    In other words, this is well-said, and can you please share your skin-care routine? :)

    1. Very glad you like it! Of course I'll share the routine. ;)

  4. I love this. <3

  5. Staying up late reading. . . or watching movies- that is a great fault of mine! Unless I have to get up early, I almost always stay up to around midnight. Sometimes even if I do have to get up early. . .

    I will sleep late, but I usually can't sleep later than 9 am. And if I do, then I'm really, really tired. Usually though, I don't sleep past 8 am, and will probably take a nap in the afternoon. I don't really know if a nap is a good idea. Sometimes it leaves me more exhausted and other times I feel so much better afterward.

    Moisturize all the time! I do before going to bed and after waking up . . . and sometimes in between, just because my skin is always so dry.

    Yes! Water! Most people I know grew up on tea and Kool-Aid. But I grew up on water. My friends and I were actually talking about this- How I realized, as a kid, that my family was weird because all my friends had sweet tea at their house and we never did. My friends said that, during their childhood, if they were drinking water there was a good chance they were at my house. XD

  6. I need to moisturize. I really need to. I just always forget.

    I should try these. I have a routine which helps, but I like a lot of these ideas


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