Friday, July 31, 2015

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I had a laugh with my sisters the other day about our odd habits, one of my main being I talk to myself. Quite prolificly, actually. It's one of those silly quirks I'm not afraid to admit to, because in all honesty I have no intentions of changing or breaking the habit. I regularly have long, drawn-out conversations in my head - whether with myself or between characters I've discovered for the purpose of writing literature. I think it's quite a natural thing for authors to chat with themselves, debate and ponder, because how else do we come upon the ideas that take a book from being ordinary to memorable? Those moments don't come when our head is following the beaten path, they come when we're thinking for ourselves, and sometimes that involves unorthodox methods, such as talking to ourselves.

Let's back this up a moment: why am I talking about talking to myself (or am I talking to myself)? I want to illustrate the idea that creativity is not rational. Never has been, really.

"Have I gone mad?"
 "I'm afraid you have. Entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret: all the best people are."

I'm not saying to follow some New Age philosophy of doing Odd for the sake of Odd. I'm saying the moment you think to yourself "this is crazy. It will never work," is exactly the moment you should take out your pen and paper and start writing; your brush and start painting; your camera and start photographing. Good things happen artistically when you are outside your comfort zone, when you've thrown the rationality, the safety net and the good-and-sensible rules into the backseat. Keep them there for later - you might need them; but during the early stages of the creative process you've got to throw caution to the wind.

The worst thing that can happen is you won't use the product of your craziness, in which case you can consider it educated research. XD

What's the best thing that happened to you when you did something crazy?


  1. I...I got published in an Islamic magazine.

    1. Perhaps, then, I stand corrected? O_o


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