My 5 Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer. Because I needed another excuse to buy pretty lipsticks. XD
1. Maybelline Color Burst Lipstick in Rose Rush
A beautiful reddy-orange color with decent staying power and a semi-glossy finish that fades very nicely and evenly and doesn't leave the dreaded lipstick-ring after eating! I love my reds year-round, but in the summertime this is a great crossover that goes surprisingly well with a lot of different looks. It's also wonderful for us blue-eyed girls as orange and blue are complimentary colors and they bring each other out.

2. L'Oreal Pop Balm in Bold Blush
This is almost an elevated lip gloss, sheer and pinky-toned, but without any of the sticky gloopiness of most lip glosses. It doesn't last super long on the lips, but the color is lovely for summer & because of the shade it's a breeze to reapply.

3. NYX Soft Matte Lim Cream in Antwerp
One of my favorite lipstick lines is this one from NYX; the color range is beautiful, the formula smooth and creamy, not drying on the lips, and still extremely long-lasting. The shade Antwerp is a great slightly-brownish, slightly-peachy pink with a very buildable finish. With a thick application/two layers, the color can be a real statement piece. Conversely, with a light application, it's very easily a your-lips-but-better shade.

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #107
Believe it or not, I actually love a dark, full-on lipstick in the summer months, as I'm not doing much else with my makeup during the months (it's just too hot for a lot of it, you know?). The Rimmel x Kate Moss lipsticks are another fantastic line to check out, and this particular shade, a dark purpley-red, is my favorite. They are matte, extremely long-lasting, and the color range is fantastic. I also heard there's a line of nude lipsticks recently added to the collection, so I'll let you know if those are any good too!

5. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Power Pink
I got this one just a few weeks ago on recommendation, and though unlike the Rimmel lipsticks, the lasting power on this one isn't amazing, the color is worth it. I never saw myself as a bright pink lipstick girl at all until I found this lipstick; something about the purpley undertones and almost electric vibe of this one have made it a recent favorite, however! Of course the packaging is dreamy, and I'm all for a pretty bullet-design. And it smells vanilla-y...

What lipstick are you loving this summer?


  1. Oh I love these bright colors. I'm a big fan of the revlon just kissable balm stains. For summer, I wear the shades smitten and lovesick.

    1. I've heard a lot about those, Jasmine! I'll have to give one a go this summer. :)

  2. I don't actually own any lipstick, but I might remedy that situation... XD Any recommendations? (Nothing too bright, mind you. I'm not too sure about bold reds at this point, lol.)

    1. Definitely! I love L'Oreal's range of nudes by famous women; the Julianne shade is beautiful & subtle! I also know "Patisserie" by Mac is one people swear by for a classy, elegant and understated pinky-browny-nude.

    2. Thanks for the ideas! I looked them up just now, and will be putting them down as possibilities shopping list when I go on holidays. ^_^

  3. These shades look amazing Carmel! Right now I'm really into Clinique's Melon Pop lipstick as well as MAC's Patisserie. :D
    p.s. Imagine my surprise to see my post linked here! Thanks lady!

    1. I've really been wanting to purchase MAC's Patisserie! I think now I'll have to - the shade is just too gorgeous and wearable to pass up. ;)


  4. I love these colors together<3
    my new favorite lippie is Maybelline's Blissful Berry. it's purple without being oh-my-gosh-your-lips-are-purple ;)

    hey, I was thinking, I'd love to see a post about your favorite clothing brands! I was recently in LOFT and several things there reminded me of your style. which in turn made me wonder about your favorite brands.

  5. I was actually wearing Blissful Berry today, Riley! Lovely shade. <3
    I'd definitely like to share by favorite clothing brands - thanks for the suggestion & stay tuned! ;)


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