How To Have A Successful Pamper Evening (+5 Pamper Evening Essentials)

Friday, August 14, 2015

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One of my favorite ways to set the mood for a relaxing weekend in is to have a pamper evening - and though the weekend is still a day away, I like to schedule mine in about this time so I can truly have that carved-out space in advance.

There's nothing like taking care of yourself - but in an extra-special way - to relax the mind in between heavy weeks of work. I think it's important to take time for yourself, too, to reflect and process (especially all you introverts, like me) on the week past and prepare yourself mentally for whatever you have coming up.

A pamper evening can loose its fun very quickly if you've not planned ahead of time: no one wants to find out moments before she slides in the bathtub that her favorite body wash is out, or lotion, or razor, or face mask. You get the idea. Planning ahead doesn't have to be difficult: just keep an idea in your head of what you want to get done, and make sure you have the products on hand. Even knowing in advance that you don't have time to paint your nails is better than painting them and making a messy job of it in your haste. Which leads me to...

I'm personally much more relaxed with a short agenda than a long one. Of course I want to have painted nails and smooth legs and a long bath all in one evening, but if you can't fit it all in, there's no point rushing the process, because you'll find you enjoy it a lot less. Spend a lot of time on the things that are most important to you, and let the other things wait for next time.

If you've got work to be finished but you're stopping it to have a bath, odds are your bath is not going to be the most relaxing experience. Finish what you need to finish, then pamper yourself for a job well done.

1. PERFUME (i love this one)
2. A GOOD BODY LOTION (my favorite is coconut oil)
3. A CANDLE OF CHOICE (this one is lovely)
4. CHOCOLATE (love a bit of godiva)
5. TEA (my favorite is, of course, the-real-deal loose-leaf english breakfast.)

How do you pamper yourself?


  1. Great post! Who doesn't love a good pamper evening! Instead of doing one big pamper night, I usually spread it out over the course of the weekend. Like I might really focus on taking care of my skin, so I'll do a mask, take a longer shower than usual and shave, etc. Or I might focus on giving myself a pedicure and manicure. Sometimes, even playing my favorite videogame by candlelight with cookies and milk at my fingertips is all I need too :)

    1. Thanks Jasmine - I love the idea of spreading out the pampering a bit & make the calm last longer! And you're right, sometimes the best thing to do to pamper yourself is the simplest thing: reading, a glass of! <3

  2. A pamper evening sounds really good! I love pamper evenings when my sister gives me a foot massage. :)


    1. Ooh. I love a good foot massage! Your sister is generous. ;D

  3. this sounds lovely! I usually pamper myself with a hot bath (either with essential oils or bubble bath), tea, chocolate, and maybe some candles :)

    1. Essential oils are a fantastic way to elevate your bathwater - lavendar is my favorite, but I know there are countless others. I'd love to know which you use!

      Anywhere chocolate & tea are involved is a good place to be indeed. ;)

    2. I generally just use lavender for baths, unless I'm sick. Then my momma has a blend for me to use :) I can get that for you, if you'd like?

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I love perfume. Right now I'm wearing Vera Wang's "Princess" but "La Vie Est Belle" is on my list to purchase as well as one whose name slips my mind. And there's very little worse than painting nails in haste.

    1. I love getting rollerballs so I can sample nicer perfumes without the commitment. ;) I haven't tried "Princess" but Juicy Couture's "VIVA LA JUICY" is lovely! Good stuff.


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