INTERVIEW: Mary Kathleen of Tea and Something Beautiful

Friday, August 07, 2015

Hello friends! Today I have the pleasure of featuring my good friend Mary Kathleen of Tea and Something Beautiful for an interview. Though she just recently started blogging, her space is already a lovely haven for the imagination; one of my favorite posts of hers is here.

1. Hello and welcome to the blog! Tell us a little about yourself! What are your hobbies and interests?
I'm a reader and writer foremost, but I like to be busy. I am a student, violinist, cheerleader, black belt, babysitter, and tutor.

2. Why did you decide to start blogging? 
I am always looking for writing opportunities, but it was after I had followed this blog and several others for a few months that I really began to want to be part of the community. I love to share stories and ideas.

3. What inspires you? 
In the end I think it all comes down to the fact that I love stories—in all shapes and sizes. I am inspired by what I read and what is passed down through history and family lore. But stories are everywhere when you look—every person, every place, every creative work has a story to it. And that inspires me.

4. I know you have a fierce love of literature (kindred spirit!), so what is one book you feel really changed your outlook on life? 
I think every book you read becomes a part of you somehow, but for me To Kill a Mockingbird was huge. I read it during a point of crisis in my life and it taught me about bravery and justice in a profoundly moving way.

5. I know you also dabble in writing: can you tell us a bit about your current project and how it got started? 
My current project is the fourth draft of a novel I began in NaNoWriMo 2012—it doesn't have a title yet (nothing quite seems to fit). The story takes place in southern England during WW2, as 5 children evacuated from London face conflict and crisis, coming of age in a run down Dartmoor castle.

6. What’s something you want people to take away from your website when they visit? 
I would love if everyone walked away with simply a new thought—a new perspective on something in life, a new book to read or place to visit.

7. And finally, something fun I have to ask any book lover: what’s one book you recommend everyone read?
Ooh this is hard! Probably Anna Karenina—it has a rich and beautiful perspective on the human experience.

Mary Kate has a lovely blog at Tea and Something Beautiful, where she shares about her writing, classic literature and travel, a good mix for the adventurous spirit. I strongly encourage you to visit & stay awhile!

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