#OOTD: Monochrome

Friday, August 21, 2015

white floral sleeveless top: Old Navy / print harem pants: Old Navy / sandals: unknown, thrifted / rings: various, most thrifted

Just a simple, monochrome combination today, because at the end of the summer I'm a bit lazy with my choices and only want to wear cool, light things. These pants are the most comfortable things I own, and to be honest it's almost cheating because they are basically pajamas. But hey! If fashion is going to be comfortable and trendy I'm all over it. Aside from the PJ aspect, there's something very cool-girl and European to the vibe they exude - another thing I'm totally okay with. ;) Add a few rings and a simple low-knot hairstyle, bam. Done. Stylish and casual. Low maintenance. No fuss.

What are your favorite stand-bys?


  1. Your outfit looks delightfully light and summery, Carmel! Loving your nail polish and rings.

    My favorite stand-by is a comfy, plaid flannel shirt. I pull it out on any day that has the faintest hint of chill in the air (there's been a surprising surplus of those this summer). It's a zip-up and it's so, so comfortable. I have a feeling I'll wear it until it looks like an urchin's garb. XD

    1. Thanks, Annie! I love a good plaid shirt, especially once fall comes along - there's just nothing so cosy and easy to wear! (Actually I'm pretty sure it's a glorified blanket which I am okay with).

  2. I love your style and your clothes and your walls and you.

  3. I love the low maintenance look! I especially like the nail polish and those sandals are so cute!

    My comfy go-to is probably jeans and a plaid button up, or jeans, a fitted T, and a beanie. Plus, a side braid is a quick hair fix for any kind of day!


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