#OOTD: Throwback Trends

Friday, August 28, 2015

TOP: Old Navy / CARDIGAN: Ann Taylor, thrifted / PANTS: Old Navy / SANDALS: Rue 21, thrifted / NECKLACE: courtesy of dear Emily!

More monochrome! Are you surprised? XD
I threw this combination on in a bit of a whim last week and ended up loving it (so of course I snapped photos before running out of the house). When I think of sweaters tied around waists, the first thing I remember is my 4th-6th grade days when tying your sweater was the height of fashion. #90skid 
Oh man, how things have changed! Fascinating how fashion trends from our childhood resurface, though, isn't it? 

What crazy combinations did you wear as a child? Have any of them resurfaced in fashion lately? Would you reinvent any of your childhood styles to be worn today? Let me know!

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  1. Oh, yes sweaters around the waist meant you were "cool"... Haha!!!

    Birkenstocks!!!! Those sandals have resurfaced! My mom can remember wearing them!


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