5 Blogging Myths (and why they're not true)

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

"Bloggers work their tails off, in case you haven't noticed."

There's a bit of a myth that's been going around the internet these past few years, of this polished and flawless Lifestyle Blogger with her extensive closet and her white marble kitchen; a lipstick collection worthy of a hoarders' therapy session. There's nothing wrong with wanting to join in fun, especially if you are excited by it: in fact, if you are excited by it, I recommend pursuing it wholeheartedly.

But there are some myths that need to be dispelled before you get in, because the water is not as clear as it looks on the surface.

1. We Live Perfect Lives
I talked more in-dept about this here, but the gist is that bloggers are not, in fact, perfect: we just happen to be really good at only showing the pretty parts. ;)

2. We're All Really Rich
Psh. NOPE. Poor as a Church mouse, dear reader, and working every spare minute to save for that money-eating dragon Life. And I promise I'm not the only one here who can't afford to buy Chanel lipsticks on the weekly, because to be honest it's only the small handful who have been really successful who can (and will) do that sort of spending.

3. We're Silver-Smooth in Any Social Situation
This one is probably the most hilarious. You should know that Bloggers are primarily writers and creators, meaning the job description does actually say "Cannot Speak Two Sensible Words Together Without Stumbling (but can write a piece worth more than your YSL lipstick collection)".

4. We Take Our Own Advice
Sadly, not true in too many cases, my own included. It's a common trait among us - the writer species in general, in fact - to be able to see easy solutions to anyone else's problems, while in the face of our own, problems become foreign species, and any diagnosis we may have discovered flies clear from our minds. XP

5. We Always Get Enough Sleep
In truth, most of us get the majority of our post-writing done past 11 PM.

What blogger stereotypes have you discovered to be false?


  1. Haha, true story! Definitely broke af, over here! Blogs are usually for showing our best. I did a post on how all I wear all summer are pajamas and definitely NOT cute outfits hahaha! I'm always like "I hope no one thinks I ACTUALLY wear makeup everyday." Great post!


    1. Love a bit of honesty. We're not perfect. We're messy, abnormal, crazy wonderful people and that's what makes a blog interesting!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I love this, Carmel. And of course it is very, very true. XD

  3. I love this, especially the "really rich" myth. When I started fashion blogging, I would get discouraged because my closet seemed minimal compared to most of the successful fashion bloggers' collections. Now, through BUDGETING and BLESSINGS, my closet has indeed grown (emphasis very intentionally added ;)). It's easier for me to understand now that those fashion bloggers don't necessarily have a six-digit yearly incomes; some of them work in the fashion industry so more clothes are an added must/bonus, some budget and save for certain designer pieces, some are able to find designer wear for cheap (like on ThredUP or second-hand shopping). I think more of us are struggling through life with a small paycheck than people think ;)

    Thanks, Carmel.

    Dance A Real

    1. Great point, Hannah! It's true that working in the industry necessitates certain things & some are more willing to give up one thing for another! In the end it's nice to know we're not all-consumed by adding up zeros but making a community & sharing wisdom. :)

  4. Yesyesyes. It is so easy to get discouraged by other bloggers. Their writing is flawless, and their lives are effortless, and I'm just a potato scribbling down little nothings about my boring, uneventful life. I always have to remind myself that most bloggers out there don't really have their lives as put together as it seems. Most of them are just as discouraged by other bloggers as I am.
    Love this post!

    1. "I'm just a potato scribbling down little nothings" - I feel like that needs to be on a t-shirt. XD I definitely relate.

      Thanks for your honesty!

  5. The fourth myth really makes blogging hard, but I relate. Really all of these myths haunt me as a blogger and encourage me to cling to the grace of God over my own success or appearances (but living that out proves difficult as always). Thanks for the real post!

    Hannah ~Grace in Everything~

    1. Clinging to the grace of God - excellent point, Hannah.


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