How To Transition Your Wardrobe For Fall: 5 New Trends

Monday, September 28, 2015

If you're anything like me, every time a new season swings around you're itching to try some new things in your wardrobe. Last year's Autumn/Winter clothes seem so terribly passé and though you might not be so quick as to scratch your entire winter wardrobe, you definitely want to give it a decent lift.
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However, clothes shopping can be expensive - epecially with on-trend, brand-new pieces. Stores know you want to buy their clothes, and even though they'll once again be scratch-worthy in a year or two, the idea of wearing some of them now is just too lovely to ignore.

So. In order to avoid dropping a fortune with the change of every wind (quite literally), I've made a list of the five Autumn trends worth embracing this year. With these key pieces, the rest of your wardrobe should be able to effectively maneuver around with them, creating an up-to-date, while still decently timeless, wardrobe. Also: limiting yourself to 5 new pieces each season makes you not only save money but be more selective with what you choose. Basically, if you have the right staples, you can handle the standout pieces without buying all their mannequin-counterparts. Your constant wardrobe can work for your shifting one.

I recently picked up some plaid pants at Old Navy; obviously that is the more unorthodox method of incorporating plaid into your wardrobe, but there are other methods if that doesn't float your boat. Near the end of the summer I snagged a beautiful wool tartan scarf from a friend's closet-clearout on Instagram - tartan scarves are one of my favorite ways to dabble in the deliciousness of the plaid trend.

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Something I've really noticed coming back in for the Autumn/Winter season is the trend of Western vibes. Whether that manifests itself in a full-on fringe jacket (I don't think I'd have the bravery to attempt that, but props to you if you have) or just elements, such as a fringed-collar necklace I recently picked up (Target and Walmart have surprisingly good options for very little).
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This is probably my favoite of the Autumn trends - military. I'm positively obsessed with muted army greens, especially against darker metalic shades. Darker metals for your jewelry and a simple olive top can really transform your wardrobe. Pair with elements of lace/silk for a more feminine take on this powerful vibe.
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I'm a long-time hoarder of tiny prints - whether on dresses, tops or even (especially!) pants. My favorite is on a heavy sweater (beautiful over a dress, as pictured above), but for a subtler and more budget-friendly option, a vintage neck-scarf in a detailed floral print is a great way to rock this look. Also, neck-scarves in general are a very good idea.
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This is where it gets fun: the wide-leg trend, something I'm very excited to embrace this Fall is very easily retro - meaning a rake through your local thrift store will easily crop up some fabulous options. Thrift shopping always takes patience, but when you take the time to dig, some truly wonderful treasures can be discovered.

Are you excited about these fall trends? Anything I missed you would add to the list? Would you wear a fringe jacket? ;)


  1. Those fringes are not my style, but the military things definitely are! I love that shade of green, and my favorite fall/winter coat kind of falls in that color range. (It's a bit more earthy in tone.) Last winter, I also snagged a pair of black military boots (Skechers) on sale! :D I'd been looking for a simpler style without all those punk-y metal studs, and finally found it. Anyway, I love fall styles and would be happy if they stuck around twice as long. XD

    1. Amen to that! I love a good earthy-toned coat - my last one is a muted green and well-loved, probably in need of replacing. ;)
      I love military-inspired style. Probably my favorite on this list.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I recently bought light wash, wide leg jeans, and oh my word they make me feel like a hippy.
    In a good way though.


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