I Caved

Monday, September 14, 2015

Jenny recently shared a fashion and beauty tag on her blog, Adonis Ephemeral, tagging every beauty blogger out there - and though I don't usually do tags (I just like to keep things simple here), the questions were very appropriately geared towards things I'd already been planning on sharing. I edited it down just a bit (otherwise
I would ramble on) so here we go!

What got you interested in fashion and beauty in the first place?
My mother can tell you that I've always been picky about what I wear, as well as adventurous (to some detriment XD). When it came time for makeup, I was the child who could. not. wait. for Mum to allow me to wear mascara and eyeshadow, at about age 13. It was a huge deal for me. I was itching to experiment and discover. With a $1 eyeshadow palette that covered the whole shimmer shade-spectrum and a tube of Maybelline The Collosal Volum' Express, I dove in headfirst and never looked back. ;)

What is the best piece of fashion advice you have picked up?
There's no foolproof way to avoid looking back and laughing at some fashion choices, so don't live your life in fear of it. Instead, allow a few trendy bits that you love to be incorporated in your personal style: wear them, love them, and smile in 20 years when you look back because the fun you had wearing them was worth it.

What is the best piece of skincare advice you have picked up?
Moisturize. No matter what your skin type, moisturize. I can't tell you how this would have saved my skin if I had payed heed earlier, so don't make the same mistake I did!

What is the best piece of makeup advice you have picked up?
Eyebrows make all the difference.

How would you define your style?
Classic, minimalistic, high-contrast, juxtaposed, model-off-duty (I like to think...)

What was your most recent style acquisition?
A pair of maroon plaid pants. (Remember what I said about trends?) Stay tuned for an outfit post featuring them very soon...

If money was no issue, how would you full-on pamper yourself?
A full-body massage, hair and face masks, professional hair and makeup, and wearing Oscar de la Renta to the MET Gala.

Yeah, but money is an issue. How do you actually pamper yourself?
Nails painted, bubble bath...(read more here).

What is your go-to hair style?
The low ponytail, with heavy earrings.

If you could have any hair look you wanted, including colour, what would it be?
I'm actually quite happy with my hair the way it is, but it would be fun to try out a lob without the long-term commitment! I also think a very pale pastel lavander hair color looks beautiful, though I don't know if I'd actually do it (bravery, I have thee not).

Other than clothing (obvious), what would make you feel naked if you went out of the house without it?
Eyebrows. If I have my eyebrows groomed, I'm very alright with leaving the house otherwise free of makeup. :)

Join in the fun on your blogs, or feel free to answer any/all of the questions in the comments! I want to know more about your makeup and fashion favorites!


  1. I love this! Some good advice in here.

    Also, I love plaid. I don't know why but it's one of my favorites. I've an old worn out pair of plaid shoes that I still wear occasionally, just because- they're plaid. :)

    Eh, I actually tagged you for the Authorly Bucket List. Oops. Although it is writing related, and I know you mostly post fashion/beauty posts. But if you want to check it out it's here:


    1. Yes, what is it about plaid?! Loving it so much this season.

      Thanks for the tag! I'll check it out. <3

  2. your maroon plaid pants are the BEST.
    And by the way dear, you are totally my makeup inspiration :)

  3. Your answers are somewhat close to what mine would for some of the questions! Except I really didn't discover makeup until wayyy later in my life since my Mum doesn't wear makeup. I think I will answer these questions on BF sometime soon.

    1. Definitely! I'd love to see what your thoughts are. :)


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