The Best of Summer

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's September (in case you didn't notice) and I figured it was high time to do a summer wrap-up post. Fall doesn't technically begin for another week-ish, but with school and dance in full swing and Labor Day behind us summer, at least in my neck of the woods, has come to a close. And what a wonderful summer it was.

1. Travelling.
We went on a few small trips this summer, along with our traditional family vacation, and I loved being in enough of a routine with travelling that I knew what I needed and could have a bag packed in an hour. We spent a glorious day in Philadelphia (I missed that place), celebrated Chloe's 18th in stylish unproductivity by the pool, cooking and eating delicious food and watching National Treasure. We'll be back again soon, dear Northern friends. ^.^ We visited the campus of Bryn Mawr, got some tea from England via friends, and had an amazing time.

2. Writing.
I did more than I thought I would, which isn't saying a lot, but it's saying something. ;) I think I totalled 10,000 words over the period of an over-crowded and very-rarely-still summer, which is almost amazing.

3. Friends.
So many wonderful pool days and parties, (a tennis match!), cookouts and picnics. I love people.

4. Media.
We watched quite a lineup of movies this summer, which I'm still not sure is a good thing, but it's a Thing nonetheless. ;) Among my favorites were The Hollow Crown, The Great Gatsby, This Is The Army, and Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. Also Doctor Who: Series 5. So good.

5. Books!
I didn't complete as much reading as I wanted to this summer (when do we ever?). Nontheless, there was a good deal of reading going on, from the Harry Potter series (sensing a theme yet?) to Paper Towns (surprisingly good) and David Copperfield (I think I have a new favorite Dickens). I'm also nearly done Mere Christianity (believe it or not, I've still not finished it) but of course it's a swear-by.

6. Fashion.
I bought a pair of overalls this summer. (What!) Somehow they haven't made it on the blog yet, but believe me, they will soon.

7. Beauty.
I bought my first M.A.C. lipsticks (beauty lovers, you'll know this is a big deal!). Patisserie and Ruby Woo are both amazing. I plan to add more to the list ASAP.

8. Food.
I ate a Nutella crepe and way too many iced chai tea lattes and donuts with Emily and basically I died and went to food heaven this summer. (insert heart-eye-emoji here, please)

What did you get up to this summer? Any highlights, fun stories or movies or books you particularly enjoyed? (Let's make summer last just that little bit longer!)


  1. Ooh, Katie sent me "Patisserie"! It is the perfect natural colour for nearly any occasion. And "Ruby Woo" is such a gorgeous, classic red. I don't own it, though. (I've read that Revlon's Matte Balm Lipstick in "Standout" is a dupe, for what it's worth. For us pobre people. XD )

    1. Patisserie is amazing. <3
      Thanks for the dupe recommendation! I'm always on the lookout for those (because we're all les pauvres here. ;)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing summer! And 10,000 words is more than I wrote! One of the highlights of my summer was participating in my local farmers' market, I didn't end up selling a lot, but it was a good experience, and it's inspired me to try an Etsy shop. And I cut my hair short for the first time, it's lovely having short hair during the summer!

    1. It was an amazing summer! :)
      I would love to participate in my local farmer's market next year - though I'm not sure what I would sell, I love the idea of being a part of it. ^.^

      Bravo to new haircuts!

  3. That's a great summer! My summer highlight must go to my adventures in NYC! But I also enjoyed watching movies (The Great Gatsby, Up, Avengers Age of Ultron, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and West Side Story), reading books (Ain't We Got Fun, An Abundance of Katherines, The Lord of the Rings, and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow), buying makeup (Channel lipstick at Saks?), and write (I finally finished my novel!) But man, I wish summer lasted longer!

    Can't wait for some of these future posts you hinted at!

    1. I loved reading your New York City blog posts, Hannah - I need to return to that fantastic city because you made me crave the business of it all. <3
      Chanel lipsticks are the essence of classy. And yes! Summer needs to be extended, please! ;)

  4. Somehow I missed this post yesterday, but yes, yes, yes to everything here. Summer 2015 was a beautiful, hilarious one. ("Why does that boy have a crack on his head?") You've made me sentimental.

  5. Sounds like an overall nice summer!! A bit exciting and relaxing all at once. Those are the best


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