Friday, October 23, 2015

I've got a fun little series for you this week, friends, about cleaning out and overhauling your wardrobe! If you feel like joining in the fun and doing some reorganizing, don't forget to use the hashtag #TheCleanoutSesh on Instagram and Twitter so I can find your posts. You can read the previous posts in the series here and here. Cheers!

So your closet is clean and your staples are arranged; now comes the everyday struggle of maintaining all the hard work you've done. Sure, every couple of years you're going to want to clean a bit once more, but for the most part you want to maintain a consistant style.

This is hard when it comes to shopping - especially if you like thrift shopping, and everything's cheap and you can accumulate a lot of stuff that you mostly like (but might need a button sewn on or doesn't fit perfectly despite the fabulous fabric). It's very easy to begin accumulating to make up for what you got rid of and very quickly end up in the same pickle once more, with too much clothing, and a lot of pieces being ones you don't actually love, but just sort of like. The key ingredient is, as you expected, self-control. 

1. Don't buy anything you're not in love with.
This goes for undergarments and loungewear as well as your daily clothing. If you don't feel good in it, you're not going to wear it. Don't waste your money.

2. Quality of Quantity
The old stand-by of frugality! Instead of having 3 so-so black sweaters, save your money and buy the really nice one you know will last and you will look stunning in.

3. Be Nice To Your Clothes
Along with buying new things as you need them, it's important to take good care of the things already in your closet. Fold them neatly when they're clean, hang up what needs to be hung, iron what needs to be ironed. Basically, do what your mom would have you do. ;)

4. It's Okay To Spend a Pretty Penny
Sometimes it's a really good decision to spend more on a quality, classic item you know you'll wear for years to come, like boots or a trench coat or your signature fragrance. Be discerning.

5. Mind over Matter
As a self-aware shopaholic, it's an easy temptation to buy all the things, but keep your bank account in mind and remember to keep a good perspective: in the long run, it's just fashion. And fashion, whatever the experts say, is not worth your college tuition. 


  1. my rule of thumb is: "if i walk out of this store right now and don't buy this, will I regret it?" if I say no, back on the rack is goes.

    also I've learned patience is a virtue ESPECIALLY when buying clothes. fashion changes every season. there are times when i don't like anything in the stores and so have to bide my time - even if it means not buying more sweaters until next fall or winter. don't just buy because you think you need to update your wardrobe right THIS minute. update because it's a piece that BELONGS in your wardrobe. Just like my new shirts and hoodies I bought, I found pieces I loved and they perfectly fit the vibe I was going for. I'm very picky over floral prints and Rue21 hit the nail on the head for me. ;)

    anyways, great advice! <3

    1. I like your rule of thumb. It sounds effective. :)
      Patience is definitely key. I know if I'm still thinking about an item a week after I've left it in the store, it might be worth going back and retrying.

      Rue 21 has some absolutely gorgeous stuff. Swoon.

  2. Love the outfit in your photograph!!


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