Monday, October 19, 2015

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I've got a fun little series for you this week, friends, about cleaning out and overhauling your wardrobe! If you feel like joining in the fun and doing some reorganizing, don't forget to use the hashtag #TheCleanoutSesh on Instagram and Twitter so I can find your posts. Cheers!

About this time of year I always get a nerdy sort of excitement about changing over my wardrobe - not just for the autumn and winter seasons, but also getting rid of any sort of excess. I'm the sort of person always ready to cut down, overhaul, change, and alter - but I'm also a serial shopper, meaning that about as much as I cut out, I make up for in new purchases. In some ways this is a good thing: my wardrobe is constantly changing, like my style, like me.

But there are some things that stay, no matter what the trends, the season or my particular style-vibe, and these are my staples. I think I did a post on these a while back, but that list was more general: good staples to have, not the actual staple-pieces that are personal to me for specific reasons.

I find we speak better on experience, so here are my edited and revised Wardrobe Staples.

1. The Black Skinny Jeans
Absolutely, 100% my most worn item, tied close second with my basic distressed denim skinnies. Universally flattering, versatile, comfortable, chic. I live in these pants (mine are semi-vintage Madewell - score for hand-me-downs and thrifting!) for the entire Fall/Winter season, and even from time to time in the 90 degree weather that is a southern summer - because they are my favorite. If you think you'll wear your jeans like I do, invest in a decent pair that will last you for a good handful of winters.

2. Striped tee/Elbow-length top
Normally about this point someone would be telling you to buy a white t-shirt, but honestly those aren't a favorite of mine. They're a bit difficult to wear, if I'm honest, unless your figure is much more boyish than mine, and you're better at not spilling everything all over yourself. Besides, I love a good bit of stripey-action, and they add a deal more dimention to an outfit than a simple color. Tied with the striped tee is the elbow-length tee, because I find them beautifully flattering, effortlessly chic, and adaptable.

3. Sunglasses
You know the drill! No matter the season, I always need a good large pair of sunglasses. Because most of us can't afford Celine on a regular basis, I suggest searching Target; they have quite a good selection in currently...

4. Leather Satchel/Handbag
Leather is timeless. Whether it's black, pebbled grey, cognac or tan, if you find a simple design that you really love (for me, it's a medium-sized boxy shape, big enough for a book but not too much else), it's worth investing a little more in. (Rebecca Minkoff has a beautiful selection that isn't too pricey for a good quality handbag; I generally don't recommend going too much higher priced than that, but it's up to you! Investment pieces are about what makes you tick, so you do you.)

5. Quality Stilettos
I decided to refrain from putting either "black" or "nude" in the title because to be honest, the color of the shoe depends on you, your personality, your occupation and most of all your personal style. If you work a desk job, definitely go black - but I wouldn't stop there, either. If you work in a creative occupation, you can experiment with shades like emerald and navy and bright cherry red! Whatever your lifestyle, whatever you feel comfortable with, it's always a good idea to have at least one pair of heels in the back of your closet for special occassions, but the color is up to you. For me, I like a bit of leopard...

What are your wardrobe staples?


  1. Phooey. It lost my comment. Ahem. SINCE I don't have a pair of black skinnies yet, and can't wear sunglasses because of my actual glasses, my staples are as follows:
    1.) Dark-wash skinnies
    2.) Black stiletto-heeled pumps
    3.) A good blazer
    4.) A good cardigan
    5.) A little black dress
    6.) Lipstick

    1. Lipstick! Always a staple. And I'm sorry you lost your comment; I hope it's not a glitch, but I'm checking it out...

  2. I tend to do a lot of mixing and matching but I find my essentials are
    1. grey a line skirt
    2. fun full swirly skirt
    3. soft dark top of a knit or stretchy material
    4. Full fluffy circle scarf
    5. good quality denim jacket
    6. classy vintage looking heels

    1. I love a good denim jacket, but I haven't found one I really like yet. The search continues. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. my staples include:

    1) black tights
    2) converse
    3) ballet flats
    4) skinny jeans
    5) baseball tees & henleys
    6) florals for /every/ season
    7) stripes, stripes, stripes
    8) eyeliner (well...at least getting there as far as this becoming a staple. ;)

    1. Florals & pink do not & should not have seasonal limits. And converse! Infinitely classic. :)

  4. I like this personalizing of staples since I dislike pretty much all typical staples. I am not a jeans and t-shirt girl. My staples are skirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. My neutrals are grey, silver, cocoa, and nude, and I usually prefer them to be secondary to my colors. I have almost zero black. As far as "classics" go I sometimes like sheath dresses, and I ADORE pearls.


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