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Friday, November 06, 2015

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Guys nothing makes me happier than talking about travelling. Can we just have a moment to appreciate wanderlust?

I've seen a few posts recently depicting blogger's lists of the top to-visit places on their travel lists. I figured, since we're all pretty much travel-a-holics over here, it would be fun to indulge in some globe-trotting envy and also a bit of dreaming. (Dreaming's always good. :) Here are 7 places I'm going to see before I die, no matter what.

In no specific order.

The food. The street style. The shopping (French skincare anyone?). Someone take me now, please and thanks. Will pay in homemade croissaints.

My baby! I visited London when I was about 2, and I use that as an excuse for having such a good British accent immitation (really I just watch a lot of British Youtubers) and also such a love for their literature and humor (and television. Great Scot, I love their television.) I have no more than a flash of a memory from that trip, but what I do know is that England has got my heart, and I haven't even properly visited. If this list was in an order, this one would be fighting pretty hard for first place.

3. NEW YORK CITY (again)
This is another one of those places I've visited quite briefly at a young age (I think I was 7?) but not properly explored. It would be brilliant to be there during Fashion Week, but I'd settle for a good long explore around the concrete jungle under many other circumstances as well. :)

All of it. Milan, Florence, Rome, what-have-you. (How amazing would it be to spend your summer here?)

Because you can't go to Rome without going to Greece right? Santorini I'm coming for ya...

There is a deep beconing in my heart and it sounds a lot like bagpipes. And moors. And fog.

Jess and Petie, you're making me extraordinarily jealous. I want to see the Gardens of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives.

Where do you want to travel? Have you checked anything off your travel bucket list recently?


  1. Ireland, Scotland, England....everywhere else ;)
    A few years back my grandparents went to Scotland (to golf of all things) and I still haven't really forgiven them for not taking me.

    1. Ah! Scotland! To see those green hills & castles...

  2. Oh my. I might have to make a travel bucket-list like this one. And can I howl in jealous rage that you've been to London? Mmdmmdggkgnd.a frrrrrrrr.

    1. Yes yes yes! I would love to see. And I really honestly don't remember much of anything from England, and it's more torturous because I've been there, but I've not really been there. XP

  3. England is definitely on my list too! I went to NYC last summer and it was absolutely amazing -- I would love to live there. Norway is on my list because it's absolutely gorgeous, and Ireland for a lot of the same reasons. I'd love to travel more.

    1. Living in NYC is basically my dream. ^.^
      Ooh Norway. So many places, so little time.

  4. Did I make this list? I'm pretty sure that I made this list. You've basically summarized my future traveling plans. :)


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