Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm not the sort of person to even try to be healthy on Thanksgiving. Of course, I don't approve of gorging either - I've never understood the appeal there - but whether you're trying to avoid that glorious leftover cranberry bread unsuccessfully or have had a thick slice already for breakfast before your shopping/decorating, there's a very little chance you're feeling slim and fighting-fit right now. (If you are, we're all a bit jealous...but we're also happier. ;)

We've done the rounds with the green juice on here before (check out previous recipes here and here), a thick and creamy version and the classic detox one. This time, I wanted to make a holiday-inspired version. I figure if its pretty, and a little bit Christmassy, then we'll all be a lot more likely to try it. Right? ;)

1 clementine, 1/2 of the peel included (other half can be used for garnish)
2 cloves
1 large handful of spinach and/or kale
1 ripe banana, fresh
A drizzle of honey
3-5 ice cubes
1 cup of water

Blend all the ingredients for a good few minutes to be sure the pulpy clementine peel fully blends, as well as the cloves. Serve cold with a garnish of clementine peel and a clove or two!

Cloves are incredible for boosting your immune system (something especially good during the cold-and-flu season!) as well as aiding in digestion.
The clementine adds a sweetness to the drink without overpowering the greens or weighing them down. Instead of a heady, spicy flavor (though there is a happy twinge of spice from the cloves, obviously) this brings a fresh, Christmassy flavor.
Honey and banana are for natural sweetness, as well as a bit of a thickener to make this drink more of a proper snack or meal, and not just a drink.
And we all know spinach and greens are good for us. XD

I also happen to think this would taste amazing through a candy cane straw, if you're being cheeky and sneaky and ditching some of the health benefits.

Now go set up some string lights and garlands with renewed, healthy vigor! At least, that's what I'm doing at the moment.

All the best! Xx

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