Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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This is probably the part of blogging that I am the worst at, and that is sharing the love, commenting back, following - all that jazz. It's one of my in-the-works resolutions to be a more interactive blogger, beyond just responding to comments, and this is one of the ways. Because I do love other websites, I just don't talk about them enough.

1. jess mcghie
This girl is a whole lotta fun. If you like anything to do with coffee and/or photography, go check her out!

2. payton marie
Another bright, enthusiastic, coffee-loving blogger that just had to make the list. I especially love Petie's travel stories.

3. vivianna does makeup
Anna is such an honest, friendly, older-sister type personality. If there's any beauty product you're uncertain about, she's tried it. I'm on her blog several times a week, at least, usually clicking away through the archives...

4. hello october
Suzie's outfit posts are always beautiful photoshoots, much more than your typical #OOTD. I love scrolling through her beautiful blog.

5. by the way
Whether you've known Brianna for years or only just met her yesterday, she makes you feel welcome in her big Italian family the minute you click over to her blog. Italian cooking, coffee and life in a bustling household just scratch the surface of the topics she covers, and it's all seasoned with a good-sized pinch of class.

6. lipstick and gelato 
I don't get the time to read Rachel's posts as often as I would like, but when I do it's always a treat. My favorite part about her blog are the creative cooking endeavors. This girl knows how to take a few odds an ends and make a real feast.

7. make life easier
Her outfit photos are swoon-worthy. Her clothes are effortlessly classy and simple. What's not to love? (Note: unless you speak Swedish, you'll need a translator for this blog.)

8. pink peonies
With outfit posts almost every day, she's my regular dose of style inspiration.

9. musings of a flower child
Lauren, you make me feel right at home with your blog's cosy atmosphere, tea-posts-galore, and lipstick loving. It's the perfect chilled-out-evening reading material.

10. someone like you
Lauren (different Lauren) has such a kind heart, it's hard to read her blog without wanting to be her friend. Not to mention her vintage-thrifting skills are out of this world, and she also posts very regularly, which I enjoy. ^.^


  1. awwww girl I made your list?!?! I feel so special now. :) thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy my bit of craziness. :D

  2. Great post, been looking for some new blogs to read since I have started getting into the blogging scene! :D

  3. Thanks so much for this list, Carmel! (And thank you for including me on it!) I am always excited to see which blogs are exciting my blogging friends, so this list will be wonderful! And as far as Rach Parcell goes - I followed her on Instagram for a long time until I became fed up with comparing myself to her every half-second and finding that I never did measure having, having neither her figure nor her budget. ;) But she's still fascinating and it isn't her fault I went there. Haha. #firstworldproblems


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