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Friday, January 01, 2016

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It's horribly cliche, but where has the time gone? 2016. Wow.

2015 was my "year of grace" - I truly felt it was just a game of playing the clocks to find time for more rest. It was emotionally and mentally draining, and I don't say that to get any sort of pity: everyone has those moments in life, and it takes patience and grace to continue past them. (Patience and grace that I'm only barely beginning to learn! XD) I've been shown countless examples of grace, and I've had to have grace with myself for not being where I wanted myself to be at certain points. I didn't know what I was doing; there was grace for that. I wasn't always put-together and didn't always say the right thing; there's always grace for that, but there was a significant amount of grace in 2015. It was my time to figure out who I was and where I was going, to figure out this whole lifestyle blogging business, and to fall wholeheartedly in love with it, to slowly out-rule the things I knew I no longer had any business doing. To pray and be prayed over as I step out of the shelter of planned life and into the new, unknown.

I guess what I'm getting at is that it's a long, sapping process, and it's never really done...but at this point in my life, I'm ready for Stage 2. Now begins the working, the real, hands-on working, and I can't wait. I have 1 semester of school remaining, and I'm excited to put everything I've got into it.

And from there?

So much more. There are more than a few projects in the works that I am thrilled to share with you all, whether engineered for this website, or just the things God is brining together in my personal life. There's so much beautiful world to see, and I'm so excited to record it here. I'm so excited to have this community to share these moments with, and these genuine people to document the journey to. My main resolution? Do more, work harder, make things happen.

Also to get my butt to the gym more, let's be real. XD

2016. The year of accomplishing. Bring it on.

I want to say a particular thank you to you lovely people for sticking around during this blog's first rejuvenated year; here's to everything the new year promises, including continuing in the thing I love most: interacting with you. What are you most excited about, and what are some of your resolutions?


  1. Wow, it feels like everyone had a rough year this year -- but that's okay, because I think a lot of us learned some really valuable stuff. I know I did. I'm glad I found your blog this year, too; it always makes me smile and it's so lovely. :)

    1. You're absolutely right, Aimee; the difficulties are worth the lessons we learn. And then onward, to better and brighter things.

      Thank you. <3


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