My Weekly Workout Regime

Friday, January 22, 2016

I mentioned in a comment on Kianna's blog recently that I wanted to share my fitness routine on the blog over here, but as I began writing I realized this was a more difficult task than I anticipated. Turns out I'm ridiculously inconsistent (whoops) and change the "routine" so often it can hardly be called that (though in fairness I did know I was a change-maven). Nonetheless, there is some rhyme and reason to it, though perhaps less than you may be used to in a post like this - so here is my routine from this week, which represents a decent average. And at the end of the day, my goal is to do something, even if it's not always the same.

Plus, same is boring. XD

-Start by running 1 mile (treadmill/elliptical/outside), as a sort of warmup/cardio.
-Do this ab/arm workout circuit through once, because it burns. (Note: the key is to do the exercises intentionally, and no I don't mean to post a photo during your workout with the #vsco hashtag. These are small movements, but done with tensed muscles and slow movements can be incredibly effective.)
-This Karlie Kloss x VOGUE ab workout, which I've been loving lately.
-Stretch all the muscles!

-On Wednesdays we do more than wear pink: on Wednesday's we work our butts off. Literally, actually. ;)
-Again with the Karlie Kloss workouts! I start with this one for a toned rear-end.
-Following up with this leg workout...
-20 pushups, because you can't forget about your arms.
-Cool down with a stretch again: this is especially important to me on leg day as the last thing I want is bulked up leg muscle! I always stretch immediately after a workout.


-Run baby run! I usually try to fit in a longer run on this day; this week I went for 2 miles (I see those eye-rolls and I raise you a 120 degree grand-battement a la second, which is what my legs are previously trained to do. I have muscle, just in different places. XD)
-3 minutes of planking, going in order from left side, to middle, to right, a minute for each plank.
-Stretch. Again. Always.

If I'm feeling like it (or rather, if my schedule permits it) I'll throw in a bonus workout on Saturday, that usually consists of a couple Blogilates videos, or one repeated a few times (this one is a fave). I like her videos because she's always fun and upbeat and encouraging, if a little cheesy at times. ;) And her workouts kill. Seriously. Give it a go.

Yoga With Adriene is my absolute favorite when it comes to the weekend and I'd rather stretch and chill than kick my own tush another time, on days in between workouts when I've been sitting at my desk too long and need to move, or if I've done some manner of workout on an off day and decide to give myself a break. One of my favorites is her morning yoga session.

And that's pretty much it! What does your workout routine look like? Let me know in the comments below, or, if you feel so inclined, I'd love to see a full post about it on your respective blogs! Let's start a workout revolution! Or something like that...


  1. Oh dear. I HATE working out so much! The hubs is always begging me to go to the gym with him...which is not my version of a romantic date (working out in front of people is just plain awkward.) I think I'll come back to this post if I get over the procrastination to actually do it at home. :)

    1. I understand the struggle! The best part of working out for me is when it's over. Still, the feeling then is pretty good, and worth it after all (most of the time...) So I make myself get up off my butt and do it (most of the time...). XD

  2. I want/need to start working out more, and this sounds lovely...but for the moment I can't drive myself yet, it's freezing outside, and I'm just plain lazy most of the time. I'm trying to work up the courage to get into it, because I like the feeling of being DONE working out, but for the time being I just do some fairly intense yoga every day and that's nice.

    1. Hey, yoga is definitely better than nothing! I ended up doing less than I wanted today for the same reasons: snow, ice, and complete lack of motivation. Bah. Here's to tomorrow, and better attempts at harder work!

  3. Yay! I've been waiting for this post!

    I def. think that I'll implement parts of your regime in my routine. I love how you mix it up each day!

    1. Thanks girly! I get bored easily, and variety is the spice of life after all...:)

  4. Good for you for being so consistent with your exercise routine! My exercise routine basically goes on from June to December when I run on my school cross country team. We run 3-11 miles six days a week with weightlifting thrown in two times per week. Being on a school team is great because it keeps you accountable and it's also motivating to run with other people. It's just that afterwards I'm so exhausted and worn out that I take a long break until April. I know it's not good to be inconsistent, but I also don't want to burn out. Somehow I have to find a nice balance.

    Whoa, you are so flexible. I should probably stretch more, but I don't. I always tell myself after practice that I'll go home and stretch after I get something to eat, but then I never do it. :) And ah, that peanut butter banana bread looks amazing!

    Maybe I'll do a post about our team's xc routine. I have so much fun during the season and I'm sure I'll have just as much fun writing a post about it.

    1. I admire your ability to run long-distance like that! I've always been more of a sprinter myself, but I'm trying to work up to longer distances as I would like to have that kind of endurance.

      I get what you mean about off-seasons: when I was dancing, I hardly did any exercise during the summer because I did so much during the sounds ridiculous when you say it that way, of course, but you understand. XD

      Again with the stretching, most flexibility I have because it's ingrained in me to stretch before and after I do any activity, as a dancer. I consider it part of the workout, at this point, because I don't leave the gym (or wherever I'm working out) until I've done it. It's all about habits! :)

      I would love to read your routine!


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