Psithurism Snippets: January 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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I haven't shared snippets of my fictional writing on this blog in a long. time. Here to rectify that today.

I won't set this up too much: up until recently (read: Christmas break) I hadn't been writing much at all, so it took a bit of scratching around before I felt I got back into the groove of things. And I would find that groove just as break ends, it seems! Looking at my schedule this semester, however, I think I'll have adequate time for at least one full-on writing session a week, which is what I want and what I need, and it satisfies me very much. But enough about me - if the writing is any good, as they say, it will speak for itself. //

“It was the sky . . . it always starts with the sky. My imagination, that is.” -Psithurism

"He was breathing softly now, as though to exhale too harshly would blow away her image. She was glad of that." -Psithurism

"It seemed to her an odd thing that she should share this wide a view of her own consciousness with him, as though it were no more than a breaking of bread around the table. " -Psithurism

""...He was a beautiful creature underneath that hood, with eyes as hooded jewels, and dark, strong brows that seemed to probe into a person. His skin was pale . . . so pale I couldn’t help myself, but to reach out and touch it, to know if it had any warmth. He was so far away at first, but when I reached for the touch of him, of a sudden he was very near, and I had the sensation of being swept within his enormous cloak..."" -Psithurism

"“I thank you, yes.” Those dark eyes searched her, when she glanced up, and it caught her in passing how very much they were as the man in the dream. As jewels, that when in light may be reflected brighter than most stars, but shrouded in dark caught only a faint glimmer as you turned them just so. They were glimmering a bit even now." -Psithurism

"His face was aged and gnarled by wind and weather...I saw his face and he saw mine, insofar that I knew he was more than the rags of old clothing he wore; so much more. He reached a blade up to my neck: I should have been afraid, but I could find no condemning fear in my heart then. I only knew I must die to him . . . so I reached-” here she stopped. Her hands were shaking wildly in Adair's; the clutch with which he grasped them seemed almost to suffocate her, and tears burst from her eyes." -Psithurism

" It occurred to Adair now that this dream must be before . . . before a great many things he did not wish to relive. He tasted the air briefly, sniffing for pain or discomfort, but the dream was strangely devoid of it all." -Psithurism

Favorites, anyone? 


  1. whoa I love all of these!! Those eyes though. Beautiful writing <3

    1. Thank you, Nina! I appreciate the feedback. :)

  2. I was wondering just the other day whatever became of Psithurism! Glad to know it's still in the works. ((Hugs))

    1. It is indeed! Albeit a very much overhauled version of the one you read, but the story and characters remain the same. :)

  3. Oh wow, this is so beautiful. <3 I want to read it! I adore your writing.

    1. Wow, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. This is what makes writing worthwhile. <3


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