Friday, February 19, 2016

In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty into being healthy. I love searching out new recipes with nutritious ingredients, or editing old ones to fit my personal nutritional guidelines. I love working out. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and am generally quite physically active in other ways throughout that time too. I wouldn't mind loosing a bit of weight around my midsection (as every woman everywhere) or toning up my legs a little more. So yeah, I'm into fitness.

What I'm not into is eating disorders.

It really needs to be said that starving yourself is never okay. I work at a fitness center, and I see signs of this in little nudges all the time. And you'd miss it, too, if you weren't looking for it because our society is so conditioned to these subtleties.

"Nah, I'm not hungry, I don't need anything."
"Wow I forgot to eat today! Haha oops."
"I haven't eaten a bite since breakfast. Trying to slim down for that prom dress you know!"
"I feel so fat. I'm skipping lunch."

It's not flat out anorexia, which by now most people are very aware of and actively fighting against - but it's the way we talk to ourselves, constantly tearing apart the beauty that is God's sovereign design, and taking it into our own hands in small ways to try to "fix ourselves".

There's nothing wrong with striving to live a better lifestyle. But these poor eating habits that we foster for the sake of our waistline (oh - and when does skipping a meal ever make much of a difference?) do not fall into that category, and have got to stop.

The world needs you, beautiful woman. Eat the good food God gave you and love yourself. Of course you should be careful what you put in your body - in fact, that is just as important as eating full meals - but don't let yourself get carried away not being fed. Your body needs nutrients to function properly. You're a nicer person when you have food in you. And if you want the science of it, your body works better when you're burning on a long, low fuse of portioned meals rather than crashing from low blood sugar to only go bouncing back up with overeating from starvation.

Eat, woman. You're a beautiful creation of the same Lord who created the glorious Heavens, and that's a treasure to be valued and cared for, far above the riches of this world.
"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." -1 CORINTHIANS 10:31


  1. Love this, girl! Such a good reminder to love a take care of ourselves.

  2. Amen and Amen! I don't usually comment on your posts, but you do a great job.

  3. Yes! Thank you for this! It's important to take good care of your body. Skipping meals frequently simply not healthy and it's hard on you body when you don't give it enough nutrition. Thanks for the great reminder!


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