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Monday, February 22, 2016

top: h&m / hat: j. crew / black skinnies: madewell, old / lace up boots: land's end, old
We've had on-and-off bouts of snow here these past few weeks, with bitterly cold days scattered in between (cold for this warm-blooded Southern girl, at least). The good thing is, however, that I'm getting good use out of my heavier winter pieces that at Christmastime (when temperatures were in the 60's and 70's on the regular) I wondered if I would have a chance to wear this winter!

So for this look I went with a fun and somewhat patriotic color scheme, warm boots that are completely faux-fur lined and the coziest things ever, my current favorite hat (stolen from my dear Madre) keeping my little head warm, and this plaid shirt which I have been practically living in, ever since I found it in an after-Christmas sale at H&M. Also goofing in front of the camera and getting very pose-y indeed. XD Fun times!

I have always said that I'm a summer girl, and it's true that nothing will beat the blaze of the sunshine and light, white, fluttery clothing - but sometimes, it's fun to experiment with winter trends and find things you really do enjoy wearing (and don't feel like an eskimo wearing them). I'm really enjoying fashion this winter. And spring is now soon on the way...

What do you wear to stay warm on these blustery days, without sacrificing style?


  1. these poses are fantastic! also you look really warm.
    It's warming up here, but when I'm freezing I wear scarves!

    1. heeey thanks girl! :)
      Scarves are da bomb. I wear my tartan one like a blanket, shawl, scarf and jacket...XD

  2. Firstly, that top is just the perfect plaid for fall and winter. Secondly, I love white snow/rain boots in general and yours are stinkin' cute. LOVE the color palette in this entire outfit.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. Isn't that plaid so great? H&M really have got it down!
      Thanks girly!


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