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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


turtleneck jumper: tommy hilfiger / red-print dress: thrifted, unknown / tights: we love colors / heels: forever 21, old
Fun fact: I call this my Clara Oswald dress (especially when worn with black tights as seen here). It's ridiculously similar to this dress from The Day of The Doctor, except I happened to thrift it before that episode premiered, on a complete whim. There were several times between when I purchased it and the premiere when I considered passing it along, but I'm so glad I held on to it. It's now one of my favorite pieces I own, for two reasons: 1 - hello, fandom reference! 2 - it's straight up a fun piece to wear. A nice change from my usual monochrome, right?

Every year, when Fashion Week comes around, I find my desire to visit New York especially strengthens. It's been a long-time dream of mine to watch the shows in person, and glean inspiration from all the gorgeous clothing and people that flock at this bi-anual event - and you know I love the drive and vibe of New York. I'm promising myself that one day I'm going to get there, but until then I'll continue to be inspired by the street style photos all over the internet, and dressing that little bit more adventurously, even if it's just to run errands or have coffee with friends. Let's be real though: all my outfits are inspired by New York Street Style. XD

Also: leftover flowers from Valentine's Day make photoshoots that much more glam. I'm itching for Spring to be here already...

What inspires the way you dress? Do you have any secretly-nerdy outfits? ;)


  1. as soon as I saw the first picture I thought "Clara dress!" She's my favorite companion to get style inspiration from!

    1. Yessss. You should see me wear it with my black heeled booties and leather jacket. ;D
      I do love her style.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this. You should throw in bright colors more often - I like it. :)

    1. Oh yay, I'm so glad! I really should break up the monochrome more frequently. :)


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