January Favorites, 2016

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

It's that time again, friends! Time to round up my favorite products/people/etc of the month and share them with you all. I always find January is an interesting month to sum up - you're getting used to the new year and what it tastes like, and trying to get your footing, and I never end up branching out too much in the "life" area. With makeup, it's almost the opposite - I get so bored with the things I've been wearing for the past year, and ready to shake things up and buy some new products! Here's what I loved:

eyes ///
The new "Tartelette In Bloom" palette from Tarte (review coming Friday!). I know this hardly counts for January since I just got it last week, but let's be real: I've worn it every single day since then. Silly, I know, but half the reason I love it is the packaging. Like please, can we talk about this gorgeous gold-and-roseyness?! Loooove.

face ///
e.l.f.'s Mineral Baked Blush in "Passion Pink", as seen in Friday's makeup look. As I've mentioned in the post, I'm really loving a pale face with a high, pink blush and understated eye makeup; more of a focus on the face and brows, less on big lashes or eyeliner. It's a very fresh look, and this blush is really what makes it! It's very sheer and not overpowering, a nice natural shade with enough subtle shimmer and warmth so that it looks like you're wearing something. It doesn't last the entire day, but fades very nicely into the rest of your makeup (which for me, at this point, is fading away too, allowing my own pink cheeks to be seen and no one was the wiser. ;)

lips ///
It should be no surprise that my favorite lip product of January was (and still is) m.a.c.'s "Creme In Your Coffee" lipstick (shoutout to my dear friend from the Ratty and Mole gift exchange! Your gift is well loved indeed. :) It's just a great browny-nude shade, gives a bit of a Kylie Jenner vibe (without being overwhelmingly Lip Challenge; we're still sane here as far as we know! XD) It's beautiful and flattering, lasts a good amount of time (especially with lip liner) and basically looks good with any makeup look.

fashion ///
I've been loving turtlenecks this month: whether thick, chunky-knit or thin and figure-hugging, I'm loving them all! This grey one is one of my favorites; I have a black and white mixed knit from Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted!) that I love just as much - similar one here.

music ///
The Braveheart soundtrack. Every last bit of it. The best version is this long one because it included even the bits of music not included in the official soundtrack. And you know you want that. ;)

book ///
I've finally started The Worm Ouroboros! It's slow going, but I'm loving every gorgeous sentence. E.R. Eddison, you've got me.

random ///
Harney and Sons' tea's are a long-time favorite of mine, but my favorite flavor recently is the Paris one. Chloe got a box of them for our Madre for Christmas, but I've been cheekily sneaking a few bags (not without permission of course ;) and I absolutely love the flavor. It has potentially surpassed my favorite Twinings Irish Breakfast, so I would say a job well done!

What have you been loving this month? Oh, and happy February! Xx

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