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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Shoutout to MK for getting me obsessed with U2. Get ready for some throwback hits, guys. Xx

I recently hit 70,000 words with Psithurism which, for those of you who were unaware, is actually the third time I've hit that landmark with this book. The first was, obviously, the first draft. That's now sitting happily on my old computer doing absolutely no-thing, because let's face it: first drafts can be pretty terrible. The second time I passed 70,000 words was with the same draft, but I lost about 15,000 words in a strange computer-eating-document phenomena at the end of last year (hence, new computer. Which is snazzy, I have to say...) And though at the time that was devastating, it's been a good experience in the end, because what I've rewritten to make up for it is some of my favorite writing I've done, and that's worth something, right?

All that to say, it calls for a celebration! I've compiled a few snippets for your reading pleasure, as well as a look at the music I've been listening to while I write these past few months, because it's been a long time since I've shared a writing playlist and it's changed vastly since I last did.

Whew. That was a lotta words.

After a time, when the coffee was frothing and ready to be served, she began to be aware of quiet footsteps outside. She did not turn to see to whom they belonged, only allowing a slight smile to creep up her lips, pulled another cup from the cupboard. -PSITHURISM
1. Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
2. Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes - Braveheart Soundtrack, James Horner
3. Hymn To The Sea - Titanic Soundtrack, James Horner
4. The Resurrection Stone - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt. 2, Alexandre Desplat
5. Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
6. Caledonia - Celtic Woman
7. A Gift of a Thistle - Braveheart Soundtrack, James Horner
8. The Steward of Gondor - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Howard Shore (feat. Billy Boyd)
9. This Is My Choice - Captain America Soundtrack, Alan Silvestri
10. 40 - U2 

Obviously this is majorly soundtrack-driven; I've found that my stories are really more like movies in my head, and they need fantastic composers. Also in case you didn't notice, I have a thing for James Horner (composer nerds can I get an "amen"?) What are your favorite soundtracks for writing?


  1. I'm sensing a distinct Irish/Scottish theme here. ;) I just recently started listening to U2 myself, and so far, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is my favorite song from them. And of course, the BRAVEHEART soundtrack never gets old. :)

    1. No really? ;)
      Yes yes and yes. The Irish and Scots really know how to make music don't they? <3

  2. Your snippet about coffee there is tantalizing! I love it! I don't know if you're familiar with the practice (given that I haven't been following you for very long) but some writers I know do a monthly blog post (ie. February Snippets) and post their favourite little blurbs from what they've recently written. I guess it depends on the writer and the work too, but I would TOTALLY love to read more from Psithurism because that little bit was enchanting (and the title itself as well).
    Fantastic playlist also! There are some great songs in there :)

    1. I am aware of snippets, but thanks for asking! You can find my most recent post as well as all posts on Psithurism or all snippets of my writing under the labels "Psithurism" and "Snippets" located in the label-cloud on the sidebar! :)


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