Tartelette In Bloom Palette: Comprehensive Review

Friday, February 05, 2016

I recently purchased the Tartelette In Bloom palette at Sephora (*cue happy dance*). After wanting it for about a month, I decided it was a worthwhile purchase to invest in, and I have to say I've really not been disappointed! The palette is quite expensive, however, so for anyone considering the purchase, the following are my thoughts!

What it is: 
A neutral eyeshadow palette, 12 shades in total: 3 shimmer and 9 matte. Most of the shades are browny/neutral shades, with 3 darker ones at the right end of the palette. Huge mirror. Gorgeous packaging. 

The good:
The eyeshadow quality of this palette is on the level with the Urban Decay Naked palettes: creamy/buttery texture, really nice pigmentation, beautiful shades that are true to how they look in the pan and blend like a dream.
I love that this palette covers all the bases: you have your mattes, your shimmers, your lights, mediums and darks, your warm and your cool tones - I could create countless neutral looks with the 12 shades included. Basically, I just feel like it's the perfect travel palette, slim and light enough to tuck into any purse or makeup bag, versatile enough for your week-long trip, and complete with a large mirror so you don't have to carry along another one! Really though: now I want to pack my bags...XD

The bad:
I have little to nothing poor to say about the Tartelette In Bloom palette.
I usually use an eyeshadow primer, but to test the true grit of the palette I did go without and discovered it's lasting capabilities aren't exactly brilliant - however, the smooth texture of the eyeshadow is worth it. Just get yo'self a primer!
Of course it is pricey ($43), but for the quality you're getting it would be pretty hard to ask much less. 

Overall, I really highly rate this product, and would recommend it to anyone looking for good quality basics!

On another note, I really enjoyed writing this review; let me know if you'd like to see similar style posts in the future! Until then, what is your favorite neutral eyeshadow palette? Do you have the Tartelette palette and/or would you consider purchasing it? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. this palette looks amazing- I know my best friend has been eyeing it for a while!
    my favorite neutral eyeshadow palette is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette. It's not nearly as expensive as the full Naked2 palette and it's got all the essential colors (even my eyebrow color) while being small and good for travel :)

    1. I feel the same about the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! Although with only 5 shades I do get a *bit* bored. But my eyebrow color is in that one as well! :)

  2. oh, and is it just me who loves reading what all the different colors are named??

    1. YES. "Smartypants" and "Rebel" are some of my faves. ;)


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